A ‘Melo Sort of Dream

Normally I try and avoid these unrealistic, complex and hackneyed hypotheticals.  I find that living in the “what could be” prevents me from enjoying living in the “what is.”

In terms of the Bucks, the “what is” is shaping up to be a pretty enjoyable 2010-11 season. But what if it could be more. What if it could really be something special? What if one move could get Milwaukee that much closer to a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals or even, dare I say, a chance to compete with Miami?

I can’t help myself, so I’ll indulge this one time.

As a one season rental, isn’t there a pretty compelling case to be made for Carmelo Anthony to the Milwaukee Bucks?

Even when indulging in an exercise like this, I’m still somewhat grounded in reality, so I’m not saying Anthony could ever want to stay in Milwaukee for more than a season. Not when New York is flaunting its wears so prominently. Not when Chris Paul toys with the idea of joining ‘Melo there on their own super team. Free agency has never been Milwaukee’s game any way. But the trade market has often been good to the Bucks.

Realistically, the Bucks can make a compelling offer to Denver. Milwaukee is loaded with young talent and has the ultimate facilitator in these situations, a guy whose new last name is Expiring Contract in Michael Redd. Package Redd with Ersan Ilyasova, Chris Douglas-Roberts and a first round pick and that’s a good start. Maybe swap Ilyasova for Larry Sanders or find a way to get Luc Richard Mbah a Moute involved and we might have legit intrigue from Camp Denver.  Assets shouldn’t be the issue if Denver decides to part ways with Anthony.  The bigger question would be whether the potential gains that come with acquiring Anthony for what would likely be one season outweigh the cost.

The Bucks are more or less locked in for the next four years at every position but the three.  And while they have a number of options at small forward, none of them are the package, namely the scorer, Anthony is.

Those free throw problems the Bucks had last season are right now in the hands of Corey Maggette, but wouldn’t everyone feel a lot better if Anthony was the one taking care of them? His smooth jumper and winning pedigree would ease many of the concerns people have about Maggette’s fit.  While Anthony demands the ball, his awareness and feel for the game is superior to Maggette’s. He just fits on the court in a five-on-five setting better Maggette’s own efficiency numbers are impeccable, but it can come at the price of team efficiency. Anthony doesn’t have that cost.

The infusion of Anthony would allow Maggette to thrive as a role player and make the Bucks starting five down right formidable, while leaving the Bucks with no more questions defensively than they have now.

And Anthony can slide right into Michael Redd’s salary slot to leave the Bucks financially no worse for the wear.

But would Anthony disrupt chemistry? On the court, he’s no more a risk to the team than Maggette.  In the locker room he’s likely a much more commanding presence than the Bucks have had to deal with in some time, but Milwaukee seems to have a group that’s all on the same page as their coach. That goes a long way towards harmony regardless of who is coming in and out. So long as a coach has his guys on his page, whether they are all best friends or not, they should work well together. And when a team’s two most established stars, in this case Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings, are buying what the organization is selling, that goes a long way.

It’s all too perfect. But fairy tales usually are. The thought of Carmelo Anthony coming to Milwaukee during a Bucks playoff run is as crazy as a Cy Young winner joining the Brewers during a playoff push.


I guess sometimes, fairy tales do come true.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball.com

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  1. Sadly, “unrealistic, complex and hackneyed hypothetical” is an appropriate description.

    1. I don’t think the Bucks are going to mortgage their roster for one year of Carmelo.
    2. Carmelo is not going to sign a new deal/extension with Milwaukee.

    Given those two factors, there seems to be almost no chance of this happening. It would be nice though…

  2. I think they could put together a quality package for Carmelo without losing too much. Redd, Ersan, and Delfino/LRMAM/CDR should get that done over a Curry, Gallinari, and a future 1st rounder from a clearly winning team with Carmelo and Amare. I’d say the Bucks should plan to keep BJ3, Salmons, Gooden, Sanders, and Bogut for sure, but trade anybody else. If he signs that 3 year extension tho, everybody except BJ3 and Bogut are up for grabs.

  3. Why should Denver make the offers listed here after Cle and Tor got what they got in sign and trades? I can’t see any reason for Denver to hit the panic button yet when chances are they won’t ‘lose him for nothing’ even if he decides to bolt after playing out his contract. Denver has a good enough team that they figure to at least try to see if they can make some noise this year before maybe trading him at the deadline.

    Instead of Redd, put Maggette in there if you want the conversation to get realistic. Then add 2 first rounders, not one, plus Ersan or Sanders. Now Denver might pay attention. We’re talking about their franchise player, folks. It might take more than that.

    • It’s also just a one year rental of the guy tho. That brings his trade value WAY down. If he signed the 3yr extension and they were talking about trading him, teams would have to throw out considerable trade chips, but this is just a short rental. I think they would be glad to get 2 contributing assets while still regaining financial freedom.

      They don’t want to end up like Cleveland and Toronto, getting nothing for their franchise guy. They’d like to get something. Redd, Ersan, and one of LRMAM/Brockman/CDR/Delfino is probably one of the best offers they’ll see, if not the best.

  4. just like CC with the brewers! i will be the first to say i thought that CC had no chance of coming to the brewers. look what happened there! in sports anything is possible! just listen to KG. haha The Bucks would be legit contenders with a scorer like anthony.

  5. Neither Tor or Cle ‘got nothing’–they both got a couple of first rounders, I believe. Why would Ersan and a 1st now be more attractive than 2 firsts next year? Sure, there’s no guarantee of a sign-and-trade, but there’s a good chance since Mello can get more money if Denver signs him then trades him.

    • You believe that toronto and Clevland got first round picks? LMAO no they didnt because neither did a sign and trade they just lost thier players, but forget this whole idea first off you would be crazy to sent a 1st round draft pick irson and delfino and CDR to the nugguts really i could see delfino and Redd being enough it would have to be if i was running the Team. Look we dont need Anthony 2 be contenders this team won 46 games last year and if bogut hadn’t gone down they may have been a 50 win team last year. All we need is for BJ3 to progress for Bogut to get healthy and stay healthy and continue to progress for Salmons to do his thing Maggatte to get to the rim and for Gooden to be good near the basket then let our role players come in and do thier thing we have 3 legit 20 ppg guys on this team in jennings salmons Maggatte and 3 legit 15-20 ppg guys in Bogut Gooden Delfino and CDR. make no mistake we have our superstar in Brandon nobody just accidentaly puts up 55 in thier rookie year. also like to add that Delfino is playing crazy good right now and if that carries over to this season great.

  6. If the Bucks dont make this happin to get carmelo ther crazzy… plezzz get him!!!! trad anyboddy for him. exct for Brandon Jennings, in Andrew Bogut

  7. As nice as this C.C.esq trade sounds, look at the brewers now.
    Do you trade away some young core talent for one season, or do you develop these young players into new superstars?
    You could argue that the brewers are worse off from the CC trade, the brewers might have gotten a quality SP if they werent so blinded by CC’s appeal in FA. I dont want the bucks to go down this same path.

  8. Trading for Carmelo would be a terrible idea for the Bucks. There is not way he would resign after the year is over, and then we would be left in a much worse position for the following years. With no first round draft picks and losses of young players who have high potential, and the void opened again when Carmelo leaves.