The attention Brandon Jennings attracts

Luda stopped by Brandon Jennings' basketball camp

When listing the most unlikely pedestrians to roam the streets of the City of Mequon this week, one would think Ludacris would have to make the cut.

And yet, here we are.

One of Atlanta’s most flamboyant rappers graced Brandon Jennings’ basketball camp with his presence Thursday, a scene considerably more likely in Atlanta.  Or in Chicago.  Or Los Angeles.  Or New York.  Or pretty much any NBA city in the league.

But perhaps Ludacris feels like Jennings’ “has more range than a Texan.”  Maybe he can relate to Jennings, who is “on the rise and has people who despise him.”  Forgive the poor use of Luda lyrics, but I was inspired by a Journal-Sentinel commentor who mentioned that we should forgive the rapper for being late, but his time and his clothes had to coordinate.

The rap game’s finest actor was in Milwaukee promoting a new brand of liquor according to and took the time to stop by Jennings’ camp.

This is not Jennings’ first rap encounter.  We all remember the Joe Budden situation last summer, but he also appeared in a video for local rapper Ray Nitti’s BOW and in early June exchanged words on Twitter with rapper Young Buck over the use of the name Young Buck.  Seriously.

But for the time being, his most recent dealings, with the most successful rapper he’s had any association with, seem to be nothing but positive.  In the Fox6 story, a representative for Luda mentioned they may be interested in a partnership with Jennings in the future.

And if they wanted to stop by Milwaukee for a game or two this year, that wouldn’t be so bad either.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog

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