Bucks sign Brian Skinner

Another familiar face has joined the Milwaukee Bucks. From the team:

The Milwaukee Bucks have signed forward-center Brian Skinner (6-9, 255) to a contract, General Manager John Hammond announced today.

A 12-year NBA veteran, Skinner has played in 605 games and holds career averages of 4.8 points and 4.7 rebounds while shooting 49.4 percent from the field. Skinner spent the 2009-10 season with the Los Angeles Clippers, where he played in 16 games and tallied 1.6 points and 1.7 rebounds in 7.7 minutes per contest.

Those who rumble have been rumbling for some time that Skinner has been hanging around Milwaukee and working out with the team, so his signing doesn’t come as a total shock.  Any time a team with 19 guys under contract (15 and a half of those contracts for guaranteed money) signs another player though, it’s a little interesting.

Will Skinner merely be camp fodder?  The Bucks are heavy on guys who are tall, so it doesn’t seem like Milwaukee needs to bring in another body simply to get through the pre-season.  Marc Stein notes through Twitter though, that Skinner’s contract is non-guaranteed, which could indicate that he’ll be released upon the final roster trim down.  Stein also writes that this signing takes Milwaukee out of the hunt for Erick Dampier, which is a bit curious.  If the contract is non-guaranteed, I’m not sure why it would remove Milwaukee from consideration.  If Milwaukee suddenly were able to reach a deal with Dampier, they could just as soon release Skinner again.

It seems like Dampier’s situation played out separate and once Milwaukee realized they wouldn’t have his services this season, they went out and picked up Skinner, who at the very least works hard and knows how to get to the Bradley Center (two previous tours of duty with Milwaukee).

If Skinner does somehow manage to stick around into the regular season, the Bucks will certainly have the market cornered on creative facial hair, should he and Drew Gooden return to their classic beard growing ways.

For now though, that seems like a long shot.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball.com

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  1. It would seem they could release any of the extra’s at this point. Releasing one of the 3 rooks they picked up just for camp sounds like the best starting place. Then maybe Skinner. Theirs lots of room for releasing non-guaranteed contracts to make room for Damp.

  2. I love Brian Skinner for the bucks, He was an absolute dunk/rebound machine for the bucks. I’m sure hes slowed down a little but will be great for 15+ minutes a night.

    • Either that or they thought that the 2006-07 team really captured the city’s imagination. It’s just too bad Bell and Gadzuric are gone for this reunion.

  3. In so MANY ways this is smart for the Bucks..Apparently the bucks is looking to seal their roster with a back up center for Andrew Bogut. The signning of Brian Skinner (non garanteed) is probably because they want to occupy the position until they can reach an agreement with Erick Dampier…it would work out BEST! from multiple sources i’ve seen the Erick Dampier is very much interested in coming to the Bucks as much as the Bucks are interested in him coming…Dampier said he likes the direction that Milwaukee is going in and coach Scott Skiles has told Dampier he would see significant time behind Andrew Bogut…Dampier has stated that he definately wants to go to a team that 1.)has a good chance on winning and 2.)being able to play decent minutes…now Dampier is interested in Houston..Milwaukee..and supposly Toronto, first off the Raptors do NOT have a playoff winning team…second yes houston has a winning team but i dont see him getting decent minutes at the center position with Yao Ming coming back and the signing of Brad Miller to back up Yao it seems like they brought Brad Miller in to become the back up center..and Erick would be a injury replacement incase one of the two go down with a injury..so EVERYTHING should point to the Bucks direction because he would definately be the back up center to Andew Bogut…he would see significant playing time as Coach Scott Skiles told him and he would be playing for a winning team….YESS YESSS! GO BUCKS FEAR THE DEAR

  4. I really don’t see Skinner making the 15 man roster. I could be wrong, but I do not see him contributing. I just hope this doesn’t give Dampier the idea that the Bucks are over him. Dampier is the only available player out there that I think would make the Bucks roster.