Darington Hobson is signed; Tiny Gallon is not

One of the great mysteries of the Bucks off season appears to have reached its conclusion.

Darington Hobson has finally been signed.  Tiny Gallon?  Not so much.

Hobson’s signing pushes the Bucks roster to its regular season 15-man limit, which likely means Gallon will be playing elsewhere this season.  Whether that is Europe or in another NBA city remains to be seen.  The Bucks certainly can bring more than 15 players to training camp as they did last season, but guaranteed contracts do the talking in the NBA and Hobson’s is the 15th.

If Gallon ends up in Europe or the D-League for the duration of 2010-11, his rights will remain with the Bucks.  Gallon has become a bit of an uncertainty since his well received June drafting.  The Bucks have loaded up on power forwards this summer and Gallon’s play in summer league was inconsistent.  He showed signs as a rebounder and scorer around the rim, but struggled to finish on his post moves and often drifted around the perimeter.  Receiving a tongue lashing after just one game with regard to his effort and attitude from Glen Davis could have been perceived as a negative too.  If a rookie has problems with attitude and focus while trying to solidify a spot, what will he do when he gets guaranteed money?

So while Gallon still appears to have potential that is eclipsed only by his weight, he does have some things to work on.  If he does end up in Europe, that would be an encouraging sign for those who hope the Bucks hold on to him.  Free development while not taking up a roster spot has a lot more upside than downside and, in the case of Ersan Ilyasova, has served the Bucks well before.  Of course, it’s worked against the Bucks too (see Griffith, Rashard).  It’s likely that if Gallon does land in Europe, it won’t be more than a short excursion though. and he’ll look to return next season.  But don’t think you’ve heard the last of Gallon.

He is sure to keep us all updated on how misunderstood he is when he does start on his professional journey though, as he’s an exceptionally active Tweeter.  And with a tag like “WeHateTiny23“, going unsigned is sure to add more fuel to that fire that Gallon apparently uses to motivate himself.  Whether that results in a productive NBA player remains to be seen.

Hobson, who did not play in summer league due to injury, should be one of the answers to the mystery of just who will take up the other two spots next to Michael Redd on the reserved list next season.  A versatile small forward, Hobson will have the luxury of sitting back and learning in practice and while watching his teammates do their thing on a veteran laden Bucks squad.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball.com

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  1. This is ok. I mean he looked pretty bad, let him work on his game and weight somewhere he can get consistant playing time. We all know he was picked to make Brandon happy, he’s just still very raw. Maybe in a year (or 2) he can make it to the league and be that much better of a player for it. He’s really young still too, he has time to grow,

  2. You may be mistaken on Tiny, although I am not 100% sure myself. I think if he went to the D League and the Bucks
    retained his rights, he would have to be counted against the 15 man roster. Does he need to be “tendered”
    for us to retain his rights overseas?

  3. I think we just lost him for nothing. We did not make him an offer by September 6th. Due to his poor showing in the Summer League, I don’t think there will be any rush for his services. He might have to go overseas just to remain a professional ball player.

    • Sorry, I was away this weekend. I looked it up on Larry Coon’s FAQ and think I have an understanding.

      “If the player is already under contract to, or signs a contract with a non-NBA team, the team retains the player’s draft rights for one year after the player’s obligation to the non-NBA team ends. Essentially, the clock stops as long as the player plays pro ball outside the NBA. Players are not included in the team’s team salary during the regular season while the player is under contract with a non-NBA team.”

      It seems even if he signs with a D-League team, the Bucks can retain his rights, though he won’t be on the roster. And if he goes to Europe, the Bucks seem to keep his rights for sure.

  4. Hmm, I did not know that. I thought if he went to the D League and we held his rights he would have to count
    against the 15 man roster.

    Thanx 😉