Media Day: Chris Douglas-Roberts Style

We’ve all made our share of Chris Douglas-Roberts jokes this summer.  He had his share of problems with the Nets last season and his especially passionate style of Tweeting makes him an easy target.  On Media Day though, for the umpteenth time since joining the Bucks, he was swearing that he’s not who he has been portrayed as.  He’s moved past any perceived problems he had he says and has learned some important life lessons along the way.  Where exactly he learned the lessons though, is an interesting story.

“I remember watching an episode of Recess, it’s a cartoon,” said CD-R.  “T.J. Detwiler tried his best to get a guy to like him and it was just impossible.  He did everything to help him and it was just impossible.  So, from that episode, I learned everybody is just not going to like you.  You’re going to have people to dislike you, no matter what you do.  So, that’s how I look at it.”

It’s easy to forget sometimes, that basketball players can be pretty young guys.  CD-R is only 23, so it makes sense that he was tuning into Disney’s Recess years ago.  At least I’ll assume it was years ago, we didn’t exactly get that clear.  Though I wouldn’t put it by CD-R to be tuning into cartoons still.  As much as many may think a guy like Lebron James is completely out of touch with reality, that’s how in touch with reality, or something that resembles reality, CD-R seems to be.

Surely you’ve seen how much this guy Tweets.  He’s never stopping and he’s not afraid to say anything.  He took Mo Williams to task over his retirement comments (and he assured me he had no idea there was some ill will in Milwaukee with Mo, so it didn’t appear to be a move simply to garner favor with his new fans).  He’s dished out advice to fans on when it is appropriate and not appropriate to come and talk to players who are out and about.  He’s even not afraid of letting everyone know that he was among the league’s leaders in steals last season before the Nets cut his playing time.  CD-R has a fairly simple explanation for his Tweeting habits.

*** UPDATE *** for more on CD-R check out NBAPlaybook.

“I think a lot of people come to my page because I actually interact with fans. That’s the only reason I really started it, was to interact with the people who support us,” said CD-R.  Spoken like a man looking to distance himself as far as possible from last season’s issues. “It’s rare these days for a fan to be able to talk directly to their favorite players, their favorite entertainer, their favorite author and I just give them that opportunity.  And along the way I speak my mind on there.”

Maybe Douglas-Roberts isn’t ready to be the veteran leader off the Bucks bench, the honorary Jerry Stackhouse role, but that doesn’t mean he has to be a toxic mess.  CD-R seems like a guy ready to have fun playing basketball again, something that may have been impossible in the midst of the Nets record setting futility last season.

He’s traditionally the type of player most of us would assume would be clashing with Scott Skiles in a matter of weeks, if not days, but thus far CD-R says he’s more than willing to do whatever the Bucks ask of him.  Milwaukee does seem like a better fit for him.  In Skiles offense, he’ll get lots of opportunities to create and he says he already sees that working out well.

“I’m not a spot up guy.  They already have me in a lot of pick and rolls and down screens.  They have me creating for myself.  I got caught up a lot in New Jersey last year spotting up in the corner like Jason Kapono.  I can’t do that.  That takes away from my game a lot, so this system absolutely works for me.”

Media Day is the sports optimist’s Christmas.  Everyone gets a fresh start, never-have-beens can turn into will-be’s and has-beens get new life.  For a guy like CD-R, it’s the opportunity to say all the right things and get back in the good graces of the public.  In that regard, so far so good for Douglas-Roberts.  Now if he can produce as well as he can talk, Milwaukee will be in good shape.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog

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  2. Anybody that can drop a Recess reference as good as that one is okay with me. I can’t wait for the season to start!

  3. I said it on brewhoop and realgm quite a bit this summer, CDR is a stud of a basketball player. He has some mad skills
    most folks appearently don’t know about. Very exciting season. Maggette even said a championship is within reach, now
    that’s progress!!