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I’ll have all kinds of good stuff come Monday when the Milwaukee Bucks Media Day rolls around, but until then, here’s some stuff of interest.

Perhaps you saw the Andrew Bogut/Bethlehem Shoals (Nathaniel Friedman)/Tom Ziller Twitter war.  It boiled down to Bogut not liking a few of the things that Fanhouse wrote about him lately and coming out firing at Shoals, inadvertently.  He later correctly attributed his beef to Ziller and went on about his business.  Bogut made a valid point, if we can criticize him, why can’t he do the same to us?  Ziller had a good counter.  It all means very little in the grand scheme of things, but still made for an interesting Monday night.


Alex at Brewhoop wonders what attendance will be like at the Bradley Center and whether or not it will even matter.  I have two thoughts:

1.  It will be up.  The city’s history indicates that any time a team is worth supporting, the fans will come out in large numbers to do so.  Maybe they didn’t do that last year, but the Bucks really didn’t prove they were who they ended up being until  late February or March.  The fans didn’t have enough time to prepare themselves to follow a successful team.  This year, the Bucks should be good from day one to days end and the fans will be ready.

2. It will matter.  While some teams draw big crowds and struggle to produce victories, that shouldn’t be the case in Milwaukee.  After all, the Bradley Center once held the Guinness Book of Records record for loudest sports arena (Damn you Arco Arena!).  Not only will Milwaukee fans come out to support, they’ll do it in the right fashion.


Rob Mahoney from ProBasketballTalk previews the Bucks season.  This is as good of a Bucks preview as you will read on a non-Bucks website this year.  Hits a lot of the points about the team on the head. Specifically the fact that Michael Redd is not apart of the plan.


Charles F. Gardner reports that Andrew Bogut is ready to go but Corey Maggette is not.  Maggette is still rehabbing a sore ankle that he had surgery on in the off-season.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog

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