Buck Hits: Bucks-Wizards preview, NBA robots, Delfino’s healthy

I’m all for Milwaukee Bucks basketball, but it is still pre-season.  Brandon Jennings v. John Wall should be entertaining tonight, you know neither of them wants to let the other get the best of him, but I don’t suspect this to be the game that finally gets me excited about exhibition sports.  I’ll get back to my mega-previews when the season starts, but for tonight, just know, like everyone else, I’ll be watching those two do their thing.  Other things I’m interested in seeing this evening:

  • Brian Skinner. I know, I know, weird.  He did look good in the Bucks open practice though, and with the injuries and Darington Hobson’s uncertain hold on a roster spot on the end of the bench, a few more strong games out of Skinner could nudge him past Hobson for a roster spot.  The backup center position is so uncertain right now in Milwaukee with Jon Brockman being out and Drew Gooden spending most of his time at the four.  This could be another big chance for Skinner.
  • With Corey Maggette likely getting his first game action in tonight, it’ll be interesting to see if he, Gooden and Keyon Dooling can get some court time together.  Milwaukee hasn’t looked very crisp in executing their offense just yet, so seeing some of the new guys work together on the court successfully would be pleasing.
  • The Wizards have been experimenting with a three guard lineup often this pre-season and that’s something the Bucks may be able to take advantage of offensively.  When Maggette is on the court at the three being guarded by Kirk Hinrich the Bucks will have an incredible mismatch in their favor and I’d love to see them take advantage of it.  With a front court of Javale McGee, Andray Blatche, Yi Jianlian and Trevor Booker, the Wizards are not very powerful up front.  Outside of bowling ball Booker, that’s a collection of finesse front court men, which would explain how they allowed 14 rebounds to Ryan Hollins of the Cavs last week.  The Bucks should have a good opportunity to crash the boards, something that I’ve written should be a strength for them.

Frank Madden previews the game and as he says, I’m not even going to get into Gilbert Arenas.  Though, I don’t think it’s the end of the world that he faked an injury to help a teammate out during pre-season.  I guess I am going to get into it a little bit.

Adrian Wojnarowski’s article on the NBA’s desire for robots on the basketball court is worth a read for Bucks fans who can expect, if this stringent technical requirements keep up, to see a lot of them from Corey Maggette. “These new guidelines for technical fouls should be here to eliminate the likes of ’Sheed’s old act, and yet this has turned into a preseason where Grant Hill earned an ejection for slapping an opponent’s behind.”
Charley Rosen glosses over virtually everything relevant regarding the Bucks in this preview.  Did you know the Bucks are light on defenders?  Me either. (Hat tip to Chuckleslove on Twitter for this one, because I assure you I never would have seen it otherwise.)

We should be seeing the return of Carlos Delfino tonight, at least according to his Twitter feed.  Any Bucks player returning to good health at this point is a terrific thing.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball.com.  Follow him on Twitter.

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