Buck Hits: October 12, 2010

Things are going to get a lot more daily around here now that the season is taking shape.  “Buck Hits” (say it fast and you’ll get it) will be back and they’ll be daily (hopefully).  We’ll go around the web to get information from a number of sources on the beloved Bucks.  A big thanks goes once again to Bucksketball.com’s favorite graphic designer Allison Beilke for her fine work on the new logo.  Be sure to contact her (ACBeilke@Yahoo.com) ever you ever need anything in the way of a design or party invitation or anything.

Onto the hits.

“More importantly, the latest talk also distracts a bit from the more important question of how many games Bogut will be able to play, period. Because whether Bogut is 50%, 75% or 100%, the reality is that the Bucks don’t have a real answer for replacing him when he’s not playing at all.”

Skiles expressed some frustration with what the team can accomplish in practice this week given all the missing players.

“We’ve got a long way to go,” Skiles said. “First of all, we’ve got to get healthy. But we’ve got to play much better than we’ve played so far if we’re going to attempt to win a regular-season game.  “We’re having too many breakdowns on both ends of the floor.”

  • Don’t forget there is a open practice at the Bradley Center this evening.  The best part: there will be food.  The worst part: Milwaukee barely has enough bodies to have a practice.

Go into this one with an open mind, it’s actually a pretty well constructed preview.  From a site that claims Brandon Jennings is a better player than Andrew Bogut and that Rudy Gay is the 28th best player in the league, that can be hard to find.

Of interest in this article is the fact that Maggette cut his 3-point attempts by 1.3 last season.  Players recognizing and playing to their strengths is an important part of maturing in the NBA and always makes for a better player.  If Milwaukee can get Maggette somewhere south of 100 on 3-point attempts this year, that will have been a huge success.

  • Which Bucks player was once on the cover of a video game?  The answer may surprise you.  And then make you laugh a little.  Of interest that former Bucks player T.J. Ford is another former video game cover boy.

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