Game Two Preview: Bucks at Timberwolves

Milwaukee Bucks (Scott Skiles) 0-1
Inactive: Chris Douglas Roberts, Michael Redd, Darington Hobson


Minnesota Timberwolves (Kurt Rambis) 0-1
Inactive: Martell Webster, Johnny Flynn, Maurice Ager

Date: 10/29/2010
Game Time: 7:00 PM (CST)
TV: FS Wisconsin

The Other Guys: A Wolf Among Wolves

Point Guard
Brandon Jennings vs. Luke Ridnour

They got to spend a season going against each other in practice and now can do the same thing when it matters.  Jennings and Ridnour know each other well, so there shouldn’t be much surprise here.  Physically, Jennings has the edge, but Ridnour has been more consistent over.  Ridnour is certainly no Chris Paul, so Jennings shouldn’t have as much of a problem keeping him out of the paint.  The better he controls Ridnour, the easier it is for the rest of the Bucks to stick with their men.  Penetrating against Ridnour is significantly less difficult than on Paul too.  Jennings should have an even better night than he did in the opener.

Advantage: Bucks

Shooting Guard
John Salmons vs. Wayne Ellington

Salmons struggled mightily in the opener.  He looked as if he hadn’t played basketball in a couple months.  Probably because he hadn’t really played much basketball in the past couple months.  With every game he should adjust a little more and get his legs a little more prepared.  Expect him to be better, but don’t expect too much just yet.  Ellington is a shooter.  If Salmons has to help out on other players, Ellington can make shots off a kick out with ease.

Advantage: Bucks

Small Forward
Carlos Delfino vs. Michael Beasley

Beasley could potentially be a very good power forward, but Kevin Love is in the way over there, so the Wolves are playing him out of position at the three.  He’s not a bad small forward, but when he’s playing a more perimeter oriented position, it just encourages him to shoot outside shots instead of taking it inside, his greatest strength.  If the Wolves looked to post him up against opposing threes, he could be a huge matchup problem.  Delfino can’t muscle up against Beasley inside.  Of course, Beasley will probably have some problems keeping track of the always moving Delfino when the Bucks have the ball.  Delfino took advantage of the attention others were receiving in the first game and hit 5-10 3-pointers.  He’s never going to be shy about taking those shots when they’re open and he could see plenty of open ones again tonight.

Advantage: Wolves

Power Forward
Drew Gooden vs. Kevin Love

Love only played nine minutes in the second half of the Wolves season opening loss against the Kings, supposedly thanks to defensive lapses and stellar defending by Anthony Tolliver.  Obviously it’s not all about this season for the Wolves and teaching lessons to their younger players may be more important at this point in time than winning games, but how does a coach sit Kevin Love for all but nine minutes of a half?  In 24 minutes, Love scored 11 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.  He was the Wolves best player by a large margin in the pre-season and looked like he would contend for a rebounding title.  But he can’t get on the court.  In Minnesota.  Rambis has some logic behind his decision, but it’s mainly him being “old school.” Love was a load for Ilyasova in the pre-season, but may end up with Andrew Bogut on him if he keeps that up.  Milwaukee will absolutely need to control him on the glass, regardless of who matches up with him.

Advantage: Wolves

Andrew Bogut vs. Manna From Heaven

The Bucks didn’t go to Bogut a lot in the final pre-season game when Darko Milicic was matched up against him, but that may have been because they didn’t want to hint at anything for this game.  Whenever Milwaukee went inside to Bogut, Milicic had no answer.  Bogut is too strong and smart for the Wolves center.  As frustrating as it was to see Bogut miss seven free throws in the opener, it was as encouraging to see him log 10 attempts.  Bogut’s never been a big free throw guy, largely because of the finesse and fades he uses on his shots.  The more the Bucks are in the penalty, the more he’ll stay at the line.  Now he just needs to start making a few.

Advantage: Bucks

Corey Maggette, Keyon Dooling, Ersan Ilyasova, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and Larry Sanders
Sebastian Telfair, Wesley Johnson, Corey Brewer, Anthony Tolliver, Nikola Pekovic
and Kosta Koufos

Brewer is an interesting case.  After fighting through inconsistency and injuries over his first two years, he finally seemed to figure things out last season.  He made shots, he played defense and was one of the Wolves better players.  He seemed to be a building block.  Now he’s on the bench after losing his starting spot in pre-season.  He hasn’t received a contract extension and generally looks like he’s falling out of favor.  The rest of the Wolves are castaways from elsewhere and the rookie Wes Johnson.  Mbah a Moute’s status is still up in the air as this is being written, but the Bucks could use him.  They didn’t get much out of Ilyasova in the opener and Coach Skiles looked hesitant to use too much Larry Sanders.  Maggette did a great job getting to the rim early against the Hornets, but settled for jump shots later in the game, that’s not why he was brought on board.

Advantage: Bucks

Prediction: Bucks 94 – Wolves 89

This should be a road game Milwaukee wins.  Last season the Bucks didn’t win all that often on the road, but they typically took care of business against the league’s bottom feeders.  The Wolves feast at the bottom.  Milwaukee may still be figuring it all out, but the Wolves don’t even have much to figure out.

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  1. Did I miss something about Luc? I don’t recall seeing him in the game at all against N.O. Or did I miss him? I thought Larry looked good the other night, for the 5 seconds he was in the game anyways… That block was sweet.

  2. -Bizzucks- LRMBM has an ankle injury, but he should be getting over it if not playing tonight.

    I’m hoping Salmons finds his game tonight. Not worried about Beasley on Delfino because Maggette will be able to challenge Beasley at SF when he’s in.

    We’ve got this one.