How they did what they did: The Bucks getting to the rim

Getting to the free throw line more has been a target for the Bucks this season since the moment the final buzzer sounded in Atlanta last May.  It wasn’t going to just be as simple as grabbing Corey Maggette and hoping for the best though.  Milwaukee used a number of different curls off screens, hand-offs and misdirections against the Hornets to get inside the paint and to the rim.  There are three clips in this video, but today’s play breakdown just details the first of the three.

Andrew Bogut trails and receives a pass from Brandon Jennings near the top of the key.  As Jennings makes that pass, Carlos Delfino uses a screen from Ersan Ilyasova to move to the left block.  Jennings then comes down and screens for Ilyasova who replaces Jennings up near the top of the key.

John Salmons uses a screen from Delfino to move over to the right block.  Bogut passes to Ilyasova just inside the 3-point line and heads towards Delfino to set a screen for him to curl around, freeing up Delfino in the middle of the court for a pass from Ilyasova.

Salmons appears to be setting a screen for Jennings near the right block.  That’s an important part of this play, because it keeps Salmons’ defender honest and makes him focus on helping out Jennings defender in the event that Salmons does set the screen.  Bogut drifts back away from the paint and Delfino has some room to work with for the easy layup.  If a defender does get in his way, he’s likely to foul.  We see variations of this curl screen play in the second and third clips with the dribble handoffs.

The Bucks often in their exhibition game against Minnesota used this play with Corey Maggette in Delfino’s role.  This play had a lot to do with Maggette’s 20 free throws.

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  1. The first play is just straight flex, and the Hornets helpside defense is non-existent. Almost very NBA team runs it to some extent. Sloan’s teams and they always get a ton of looks in the paint. Think the Bucks will run it more this year?

    • I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t run it more often. I didn’t see it much in the Timberwolves game, but considering how poor their offense looked, I’d think they’d dust it off again tonight.