Things to look at on October 1st

I thought this was pretty cool.  That new scoreboard at the Bradley Center sure looks like an improvement.


If you haven’t checked out John Hollinger’s extended Bucks season preview yet, take the time to do so.  It’s very, very thorough and well thought out.  What I thought especially seemed on point was his failure to panic over the loss of Luke Ridnour.  He obviously had an unbelievable year last year, but that’s the thing.  It was UNBELIEVABLE.  Ridnour likely wouldn’t have produced with as much success this season, so Keyon Dooling will probably be a similar player, but much less expensive.


Frank and Alex have officially previewed the season.


Charles F. Gardner reports that Drew Gooden has some playful jabbing for the Bucks rookies and comments on Coach Scott Skiles organization skills.  Also, Gardner reports on Skiles trying to calm the Larry Sanders needs minutes chatter early.


A negative sign in the Erick Dampier watch: he’s attended a Raptors practice.  If winning is Dampier’s number one motivation, he’ll avoid the Raptors.  Winning usually isn’t people’s top priority though.  Money often does the talking for free agents, but oddly enough, Toronto can only offer the minimum to Dampier.  How he’d end up with Toronto boggles the mind.  The Raptors do appear to be most in need of a center of all the teams coveting Dampier though, as Andrea Bargnani and Amir Johnson are their most enticing options at the moment, neither being much of a real center.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog

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  1. Improvement from Jennings would hopefully offset the loss of Ridnour a bit too. Otherwise, yeah, I don’t think it would have been possible to replace his contribution last year, even if Ridnour himself had been retained.

    Re: Dampier, the only reason for going to Toronto that I can think of is playing time, to possibly earn one last multi-year deal next year. Still doesn’t make much sense, but who knows.