Buck Hits: Injury Update, .500 weekend, Power Rankings

Welcome to Bucksketball.com version 3.0 beta! Jeremy wanted to roll out the site immediately, based on it’s aesthetic perfection. I’m here to report that It’s only going to get better from here. We’ve got plans to make version 3.0 proper even better. Enough of that, however, you want to read more about the Bucks, and I have the Buck Hits to satisfy that hunger.


Although he has worked out on a stationary bike, Carlos Delfino did not  travel with the team for this west coast swing.

We know that Bogut is out tonight with Back Spasms. Since Bogut did not travel with the team, my expert analysis anticipates that Bogut will be out Wednesday against the Nuggets as well.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Drew Gooden and Corey Maggette are questionable for tonight’s game.

CDR is back, and opportunity is knocking.

Weekend Recap

Journal Sentinel/Charles Gardner coverage of the weekend: Friday’s loss in Detroit, Saturday’s victory over the Bobcats, breaking down Larry Sanders benefit from the Bucks’ recent injuries, and previewing tonight’s game against the Jazz.

Brewhoop/Frank & Alex recaps from the weekend: Friday’s defeat, Saturday’s win.

Bucksketball/Jeremy coverage: down in Mo-town, win at the BC.

Power Rankings

I usually post Marc Stein’s ESPN power rankings, but they weren’t ready as of press time for this post. John Hollinger’s ESPN ranking has team Milwaukee at 14 based on a ridiculous set of metrics. Since it’s science (and has the Bucks in a halfway decent spot), I’ll be including Hollinger’s power ranking from here on out. UPDATE: Stein has the Bucks at 18)

Charles Gardner jumped off the deep end, throwing the team down a flight of stairs, leaving the Bucks at 25th in his power rankings.

Even after “defying logic” with their win on Saturday night, NBA.com ranked the Bucks 22nd.

Not quite a power ranking, but thanks to the 6-10 start, Charles Barkley believes the Bucks won’t make the playoffs. Kenny Smith has kept the faith. Thanks, Kenny.

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