Buck Hits: Bogut’s Milestone, Fear the Trademarked Deer?

Belated Buck Hits are better than no Buck Hits at all, right? Here’s what the internets are saying post 3-0 week three. This week marks the beginning of order to Buck Hits. From here on out I plan to categorize the hits for easy reading/grouping/skimming and skipping purposes. Enjoy!


I’ve never heard of this website before, so don’t take this as fact, but Justin Black at bettor.com is reporting CDR is on pace to return to practice in two weeks. Black quotes CDR’s recollection of the surgery, “They said it was good they caught it early. They had to put a needle in my eye, and that was the worst. They froze the tear. It was the most painful thing ever.” Yuck. Let’s hope Mr. Black is right on his estimation.

Andrew Bogut is on pace this year to etch his name in Bucks defensive player history. Bogut moved into 8th place in the Bucks all-time rebounding list Saturday night with 3,085. Bogut is also only 3 rebounds away from 7th place, currently held by Jack Sikma. Bogut is 6th on the franchise blocks leaders list with 471, needing only 4 more to take 5th over Randy Breuer. Read Bogut’s reaction to reaching the milestones in Tom Enlund’s blog post over at the Journal Sentinel.

Reminding everyone that the NBA is a business, the Milwaukee Bucks are attempting to trademark “Fear the Deer”.

Not really news, but Jon Brockman continues to receive notoriety for his Twitter following. This time, ESPN blogger Matt Lindner writes about Brockman’s 325,000+ followers.

Infographics. As a graphic designer I absolutely adore them. Never heard of them? The term is relatively new. So new, in fact, that it isn’t a word according to Webster’s. However, these things have been around forever. An infographic is an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of data. AP has an infographic for NBA teams transaction history. Check out the Bucks season tracker in all it’s infographical glory.

Weekend Recap

Alex at Brewhoop recaps the Bucks ugly win over Golden State on Saturday. Alex points out the factoid that the Bucks missed 55 shots on the rematch/pseudo-anniversary of Brandon Jennings 55 point eruption. He also pointed out the missed opportunity of the night, Bogut v. Radmanovich.

Saturday’s coverage at the Journal Sentinel included: Charles Gardner’s recap and an article about the improbable start for Dan Gadzuric (read what Keith Smart told DG. Here’s an excerpt, “Coming in, what I told him, ‘He’s a rookie to me. I’m going to teach you and train you like a rookie.’ Now, I hope I don’t offend you with that.” Yikes.)

Power Rankings

ESPN ranks the Bucks 13th, up from 19th last week. Cautious optimism is still optimism!

Charles Gardner also moves the Bucks up 6 spots in his power rankings. This only puts the Bucks at 15th in Gardner’s eyes.

NBA.com also has the Bucks ranked 15th.

Looking Ahead

Bucks v. Lakers
Local preview: Journal Sentinel
National preview: CBS Sports

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