Buck Hits: Reactions from last night, Madison doesn’t care about the Bucks?

After a small vacation in San Francisco, I’m back to bring your Wednesday dose of Buck Hits.

In the spirit of moving and looking forward, let’s talk tonight’s game. Frank puts together the Bucks vs. Celtics preview at Brewhoop. Unfortunately, the preview includes the reminder that  Shaquille O’Neal has always had his way with Andrew Bogut. Even so, Shaq is a game time decision.

For those of you interested in reading MORE about the catastrophe that was last night, don’t you worry! There is plenty of that to go around!

Charles Gardner tries to stay positive in his recap from last night’s loss to the Blazers. Included in his recap includes Bogut’s reaction to the Bucks’ start to the season, “We had (injuries) in training camp. We were behind the eight-ball from the start. That’s not an excuse but the reality…But I think team chemistry in the NBA is very underrated. You need chemistry to be successful and we don’t have that at the moment, but we’ll get it hopefully.” While it’s obvious the Bucks haven’t gelled yet, Bogut calling out chemistry is both honest and horrifying.

Jake at the Sports Bank puts together a great two piece analysis of the game. One includes a quarter by quarter analysis, and another features three ways to look at the Bucks’ early struggles. I’m partial to the realist’s point of view, “Things aren’t going to get easier schedule-wise as the season goes on, but this team is too talented, too well-coached, and too smart to fail.”

ESPN has a blurb on the Bucks at Daily Dime. Most notably, John Salmons get’s the nod for “Tuesday’s Worst”. Ouch. Not quite the national coverage we were hoping for going into a ESPN televised game against Beantown.

More national hatred coverage! This time from ProBasketballTalk at NBC, which calls the Bucks one of the bad surprises of the NBA. Isn’t it a little early for all this?

Lastly, Adam at Madison.com’s sports division ponders if the Bucks will ever become relevant in Madison. Mike Heller, a radio station host in Madison had this to say about the Bucks, “It’s irresponsible for me to talk about the Bucks” this time of year, Heller said hours before the team’s season opener. “They play tonight, but they won’t get a single mention in the show today, even with the Badgers taking a weekend off.” Yikes. Talk about being kicked when your down.

Keep your heads up, Bucks fans, tonight is a brand new game. Literally.

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  1. Heller is one of those guys who sits around talking about how the NBA is boring and nobody plays defense, despite not having watched an NBA game in about 10 years. TBH, I’d rather he not bother trying, if the only discussion is going to be whether or not Brandon Jennings is interesting. There are Bucks fans in Madison, but they’re probably not listening to Heller – they’re going to listen to someone who actually follows the team.

    So yeah, maybe he’s right. It’s irresponsible for him to talk about things he has no clue about.

  2. Heller is an idiot. He’s the worst kind of idiot in that he runs a show that caters to idiot sports fans. Please do not mention anything about him in your quality work