Buck Hits: Saturday’s loss, Power Rankings, Jennings’ reaction

Week three is upon us, Bucks fans. It’s been a rough start, but think of it this way, the team played .500 basketball this weekend! Here are today’s Buck Hits:

Alex at Brewhoop recaps the Bucks loss on Saturday. Alex eloquently states what everyone is thinking, “Used to be a surprise when Salmons missed a shot, now it’s a surprise when he makes one.”

The Journal Sentinel has plenty to read on the Bucks and their struggles. Charles Gardner talked to Drew Gooden about his struggles. “This is the worst I’ve played in my career, by far…No question, on any level of basketball,” said Gooden. “I’m frustrated. It’s just going to take a couple shots or a couple possessions to get me going. I’m just patiently waiting to see what’s going to happen.” Don’t be too patient Drew, the losses are piling up. Gardner ranks the Bucks as 21st in the league. This was before the loss on Saturday, however. Finally, Gardner also recapped the Saturday loss.

Speaking of power rankings, ESPN has the Bucks ranked 19th in the league.

Paul Imig at FS Wisconsin has a great read about his chat with Brandon Jennings after the loss on Saturday.  Jennings has decided to shoot more in games. This may or may not encourage Bucks fans considering Jennings’ FG% last year, or this year for that matter. But it is reassuring to hear how personally he is taking the Bucks struggles, and feels empowered to make a change. With lines like, “We’ve got to find something before it gets too late,” and “I’ve got to turn it around and do something,” the sense of urgency is there, at least verbally. I’m excited to see what the Young Buck does.

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