Buck Hits: Weekend Woes, Gooden gets the green light

If you’re reading this, you haven’t fallen off the bandwagon yet. And after the weekend the Bucks just put forth, I commend you. Let’s shoot some Buck Hits.


Keyon Dooling is a Vice President of the NBA Players Union. Maybe all this lockout talk is what is prohibiting him from making shots. Don’t take it from me, Keyon is predicting lockout in Tom Enlund’s post about the looming NBA lockout.

Charles Gardner has been a writing machine when it comes to the Bucks recent woes. First, an article regarding the team’s horrific free throw shooting from last week.  Today, Gardner wrote a lengthy piece about the Bucks overall struggles. Gardner points out that the Bucks are now 1-6 against west coast teams.

NBA.com also has a post about the Bucks troubling offense.

Drew Gooden has been given the green light for jump shooting. Gooden played very well the last two weeks, but when Drew Gooden becomes a primary scorer on a team, that team has a major problem.

Weekend Recap

Frank and Alex at Brewhoop recap the loss against the Sixers and the Thunder, respectively. The jist of Friday’s game was pretty much be glad you couldn’t watch this, and Saturday’s was, well too bad we had to watch that.

Charles Gardner offers his piece about the Bucks weekend. Read Friday’s recap or Saturday’s recap. Gardner does a great job of not letting his personal frustrations get the best of his writing. Something I could never do as a fan.

Jake McCormick takes a stab at breaking down the Bucks “futility”, with a one and done weekend recap.

In case you missed Jeremy’s point of view from the weekend, here are direct links to the Bucksketball Sixers and Thunder recaps. A big “oh no you didn’t” to Jeremy for calling John Salmons this years Shawn Respert.

Power Rankings

ESPN ranks the Bucks 16th, only dropping three after the Bucks dropped three straight. Keep believing, people!

As of Saturday, Charles Gardner leaves the Bucks at 15th in his power rankings. Something tells me this was before the game against the Thunder.

NBA.com ranked the Bucks 20th, and reminds us all why, “Andrew Bogut, Drew Gooden, Corey Maggette and John Salmons are all shooting career lows from the field.”

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