Attention to Tendencies: The offensive rebounding game

The more chances, the better the odds.  That’s obvious.  That’s why people like scratch off games with an entire page full of spots to be scratched rather than ones with just a row or two.  What fun is that?  Everyone wants opportunities and when opportunities have run out, people want one more.  The Bucks are no different.  They like getting extra shot attempts via the offensive glass.  And it’s great that they have some players who succeed at corralling of offensive rebounds.  But it’s a pretty huge problem when Milwaukee needs to rely on extra chances because they can’t cash in on the ones they first get.

Milwaukee’s valiant effort in Chicago came despite another woeful offensive outing masked by a good rebounding effort.  Somehow, Milwaukee only trailed by three points with eight minutes remaining, despite failing to even so much as approach 40% shooting for the majority of the evening.  Milwaukee grabbed an astounding 19 offensive rebounds against the Bulls.  That’s a big number and one that catches the eye.

But how relevant is it?  They missed 57 shots! 

Such an astronomically high number of misses means a team realistically should grab a ton of offensive rebounds.  Maybe continuing to try and get rebounds and score again indicates that a team is trying hard, but when a team is so anemic offensively, that means little.  In the fourth quarter alone, Milwaukee made just one of three shots after offensive rebounds and turned the ball over directly after grabbing the offensive board on two other occasions.

The biggest culprit (and achiever if you will) on the evening for the Bucks was Andrew Bogut. Bogut did a great job rebounding on both ends, grabbing 16 total boards with six coming on the offensive end.  But he made just two of 12 shots and scored four points.  Often Bogut’s offensive rebounds are tip attempts by him.  It’s all effort and everyone watching appreciates it, but these are low percentage tips.  They are more mirages in the box score than anything else.

So, while it’s exciting to see Milwaukee put up some big numbers on the offensive glass, it was mainly a product of their horrific offense giving them more opportunities that they often ended up throwing away anyway.  With an offense as bad as Milwaukee’s has been this year, it’s evident that it doesn’t matter how many chances they get, they won’t be having much success.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to see if this last spot on my scratch off will bring me riches.

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