Buck Hits: Injuries & the Wild, Wild West

Injuries, the West Coast, and losing. All things the Deer are currently Fearing. Also, things that are at the core of today’s Buck Hits.


Corey Maggette will play tonight, but Drew Gooden will not, according to the Journal Sentinel. Gooden’s foot, as described by Drew himself, “I’ve got some junk going on in there.” Barf. Skiles says the injuries aren’t an excuse for the team’s poor play (to which hopefully he’s convinced the rest of the team). Let’s also hope that Maggette’s 12.5ppg can be tacked on to the 88 the Bucks scored in Utah. 100 points for this Bucks team would be a lot to be excited about.

A reader over at Brew Hoop posted and translated an interview with Carlos Delfino on Fabricio Oberto’s internet radio show. First, hat’s off to Oberto for staying involved in the NBA even with retiring from the league because of poor health. Second, we  now know why Delfino has not been seen with the team since his injury. “I was told to relax, but couldn’t do any exercise, or watch TV, or connect to Internet, or read a book. ¿How could I possibly relax?”, griped Delfino. Not good news, but good to hear ‘Los is making progress. Speedy recovery, Del3no.

Recap: 11/29/10 Bucks @ Jazz

Box Score

Jeremy recaps the loss against the Jazz. In case you missed the game, here’s what you need to know, “Milwaukee was in this one for about 36, and that sounds about right when only three players came to play.” After the game, Jeremy suggests the Bucks put an end to Moute’s reign at the three.

Tom Enlund at the Journal Sentinel blogs about the Bucks loss in Utah. Stat of the night: Utah wins the board battle, 48-26, as well as points in the paint 54-18.

Frank at Brew Hoop let’s us know what he thinks of John Salmons in his recap. “Just when you think John Salmons can’t play any worse, he does this.”

Jake at the Sports Bank gets back on the recap bandwagon for another depressing look at Monday’s loss.

Around the NBA

Bad OffenseIf you are an ESPN Insider (I don’t, so know quips from me), you can read what the national pundits are saying about the Bucks. It’s pretty obvious that they are being obvious. Just look at the headlines…

Bill Ingram at Hoopsworld does some fish bashing in his article entitled “The Incredibly Disappearing Salmons”. Since he doesn’t watch this team night in and night out, Ingram still has hope for the team, “The good news for Milwaukee fans is that the season is still young, and the East is as mediocre as ever once you get below the top four seeds.”

If it didn’t hurt the Bobcats enough to lose Stephen Jackson on Saturday (they lost to the Bucks, after all), the Cats will be without Captain Jack for a second game, as the NBA suspended Jackson for another game. The NBA is trying to make an example out of Jackson, and Jackson’s behavior has been all to generous to help the cause.

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