Buck Hits: Saturday’s win, tonight’s matchup

Welcome to frigid December, Bucks fans! After a strong showing on Saturday, Andrew Bogut and the Bucks have their hands full with the new-age big three from Miami. Today’s Buck Hits will get you caught up to speed if you missed this weekend due to hibernation.

Weekend Recap

Charles Gardner has his recap of Saturday’s game at JSonline.com. Special thanks to Gardner for giving John Salmons the Captain Obvious treatment with his post game quote,”We’ve been preaching about ball movement all year, and it’s starting to come around,” Salmons said. “The next step is making shots, and we did that pretty well today.” Making shots is a pretty basic concept in basketball, right?

Alex Boeder at Brewhoop broke down the Bucks win over the depleted Magic on Saturday. My favorite part? Boeder coining a new word to describe the atmosphere at the Bradley Center during the fateful Hack-a-Bogut stretch, “Like nothing I have ever heard with a home team player on the line. Surrealiously.”

Jake McCormick at the Sports Bank had his say on Boguts the Bucks strong play on Saturday.

Jeremy here at Bucksketball gives us all reason to believe in his recap of the Bucks win on Saturday.

Looking Ahead

You know who alongside Pookie AKA D Wade AKA Mr. Marquette AKA Dwayne Wade (and I guess Chris Bosh, too) will be in town tonight. For more on that, read our preview, the Journal Sentinel’s preview, and the preview at Brew Hoop.

Power Rankings

Stein at ESPN kept the Bucks 18th in the league this week, while Hollinger drops the Deer from 14th to 20th. Analysts befuddle me.

Charles Gardner keeps the Bucks at the bottom of the totem pole at 25th, the same ranking he gave the team last week. A very “Not even Andrew Bogut can save this team” outlook from the local guy.

Ever so cautiously optimistic, NBA.com bumped the Bucks up to 21st after being 22nd last week.

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