Brandon Jennings entering the Dunk Contest

Brandon Jennings has less than five dunks as an NBA player and famously missed the first one he ever attempted in traffic against the Heat earlier this season.

Apparently that won’t stop the NBA from inviting him to join the dunk contest this coming All-Star weekend.  According to the LA Times (H/T Royce Young), Jennings along with Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka and Javale McGee will make up this year’s dunk contest.  Jennings has all but confirmed the reports on Twitter, retweeting a number of different Tweets regarding his participation.

Jennings’ inclusion would seem to have a lot to do with his California roots.  As a Compton native, he’d be returning home for the dunk contest and likely the Rookie/Sophomore Game come All-Star weekend in February.  Even with the logical connection to the site of this year’s festivities, it’s still a bit odd to see Jennings included in the dunk contest.

While he’ll likely be well healed from a broken little toe by mid-February, Jennings has by far the least dunks of the four and the least appealing Youtube highlights.  One has to think he’ll still be working back into “dunking shape” around that time.  And for a player who’s yet to have an impressive looking NBA dunk (obviously they all are impressive, but you know what I mean), who knows what could have in store.

One thing that’s clear from this tape: Jennings can dunk with two hands. A lot.  I’m guessing we’ll be seeing some alley-ooping judging from these highlights though.

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