Buck Hits: Saturday’s Win, Bucks Predicting the Future?

Happy New Year, Bucksketballers! Milwaukee is 1-0 in ’11, but face a whole lotta Florida this week. Here are the first of the new year’s Buck Hits.


01/01/11 Bucks vs. Mavs

Box Score

Analysis: Bucksketball, JSOnline, Brewhoop

Game Notes: Dallas’ Caron Butler injured his right knee during the game Saturday night. Early prognosis is that it’s not good. Also notable, Andrew Bogut hit a 15 foot jumper late in the game.

Power Rankings

John Hollinger’s rating system believes the Bucks are 16th best in the NBA, while Marc Stein think’s we’re no better than 17th. A little love coming from Stein however, “Still like the Bucks better than any team outside the East’s top four.”

The NBA.com power rankings weren’t any kinder to the team this week, leaving them 19th in the league. Best way to describe the Bucks winter matchups? “The Bucks’ schedule of death continues this week with three games against the Heat and Magic.”

The Rest

It’s a new year, so all of last year’s pessimism needs to go out the window, right? JSOnline.com’s Charles Gardner gives us little more than a breath of hope in his 2011 preview. “Risky business”, “Hold the ship afloat”, and “Frightening,” are not the type of descriptive words I was hoping for going into this read.
Both the Bucks and Mavs had depleted units on Saturday night’s matchup, so while the Bucks beat one of the West’s elite, it’s hard to call this one a signature win. The fact that the Bucks swept the Mavs, however is something to hang your hat on. Interestingly enough, the Bucks have been the Nostradamus of the NBA in the past. The Bucks victory against the Mavs back in Dallas marked the fifth time in franchise history that Milwaukee has broken a winning streak of 12 games or more. The four teams before the Mavs all went on to win the NBA title in their respective season. The Mavs, much like the Bucks, need to get healthy before they look too far ahead.

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