Buck Hits: Jennings Return?, Gooden Ailing, Bogut’s Relief Effort Dissed

Keep your fingers crossed, Milwaukee. The Bucks have an opportunity to send the Wizards to a catastrophic 0-20 on the road. Add Drew Gooden back to the list of day-to-day players, plus the feeling of general hopelessness that has consumed the team this year, and this equates to a trap game. We need all the luck we can get, so keep them fingers crossed.


01/17/11 Bucks @ Rockets

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

Game Notes: Scott Skiles insertion of Corey Maggette into the starting lineup did not save the floundering Bucks.


Cartoon Network has decided to get involved in the sports world, and has created a “Most Awesome Mascot” Award to lure the sport fans into the world to their channel. In a season marred in disappointment, the Bucks still have one of the best mascots in the NBA. Vote to make Bango the most awesome mascot.

Brandon Jennings is aiming for a January 31st return from his broken foot, according to Charles Gardner. Gardner wouldn’t do more than pencil it in, so don’t get too excited. To read more about Jennings foot injury, check out Jeremy’s post about it  and who else in the NBA has suffered from it.

Monday I mentioned that Andrew Bogut was holding a Australian flood relief benefit auction for a dream package with the Bucks. The price got up to a humoungous $60,000 before finding out that many of the bids were fake. Thankfully, there are Bucks fans willing to contribute, and the auction is back up to $30k+. If that’s a little pricey for you, a member of Squad 6 is starting a small fund, donating 6 cents per home point scored by the Bucks for the rest of January. He’s taking donations and will cut one check in February. Hat’s off to the always classy Squad 6.

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