Jennings and Dawkins: Everything you think it will be

So the NBA has paired this year’s Sprite Slam Dunk contestants with dunk coaches.  Blake Griffin is paired with Kenny Smith, JaVale McGee with Chris Webber and Serge Ibaka with teammate Kevin Durant. I get Smith, he was a helluva dunker in his day.  And I get Webber, a terrific personality who could toss in some pretty sweet dunks for a big man.  I don’t get Durant though.  I suppose everyone loves him though and the more the better in his case.  So I guess I get all those pairings at least to some degree.

But Brandon Jennings and Darrell Dawkins?  Are there any two dunkers less alike?  Why not Dawkins and Griffin?  Why not a guard for Jennings?  Was the goal to have the most awkward on screen pairing?  Because if that was the case, the NBA succeeded.

Check out the above video to see two guys who seem to have never spoken with each other and aren’t very natural on screen.  Pay close attention when Dawkins talks, because he says things like, “You bringing that from deep down in Texas … by way of Georgia.”  I’m not sure if that’s a reference to Jennings’ off-season residence in Atlanta or if it just meant he brought the dunk back far or what.  Virtually everything Dawkins says puzzles me and that’s why I enjoyed about this video.

I was skeptical at first about this pairing, but after watching this clip and seeing these two interact for four minutes, I’m in.

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