Running down the Bucks long injury report

Plenty of Bucks are struggling with injuries right now (what else is new?), here’s a bit of a rundown:

Andrew Bogut

Bogut’s mystery virus will hopefully be figured out Thursday as he gets more testing.  He was downtrodden and concerned after another lackluster performance Wednesday.

“Not feeling great, I’ve been struggling with something for three weeks now,” Bogut said.  “It’s frustrating, I’m just trying to push through it.  It’s really hit me these last two or three games.  Kind of don’t know what it is, that’s the most scary thing about it.”

He is heading with the team to Cleveland and still sick according to his Twitter account:

Off to Cleveland soon. Trying to shake off this virus that has plagued me for almost a month now. Its frustrating the S%^& out of me.

Drew Gooden

Gooden sat with feet soaked in buckets of ice after Wednesday’s game, lamenting his plantar fasciitis.  Gooden’s soldiering on through the pain though and producing better than one would expect given his condition.  He’s averaged 10.5 points on 50% shooting and five rebounds in the four games since attempting to play through the injury.  He recently told reporters that the foot wasn’t really getting better though and he actually thought it felt like it was getting worse.

“No, not at all,” Coach Scott Skiles said when asked if Gooden was getting past the injury.  “He hasn’t practiced in a while, he’s just trying to get healthy for the games right now.”

Among the best treatments for plantar fasciitis are rest and stretching.  The second one, no problem.  It’s that first one that players often have trouble with.  With the Bucks battling so many health issues right now, Gooden isn’t giving much thought to sitting out so long as he can stand the pain.  In the mean time, expect the issue to get no better until the schedule breaks around the all-star game.  Hopefully a few days off then will help Gooden out.

Brandon Jennings

After much speculation, Jennings is finally out of the slam dunk competition.  It was odd to see him in at first, both because of his lack of dunks and foot injury.  The latter would eventually keep him out.  There’s no reason for Jennings to push himself to such extremes he typically wouldn’t for an exhibition while his team attempts to crawl back into the playoff picture.  Jennings still hopes to return before the end of the month.  By early February for certain, Jennings should return from his own foot ailment.

Unlike Gooden’s, Jennings’s injury is a little more cut and dry.  So long as he rehabs enough before coming back, he’s not at great risk for re-injury.  Like with most breaks, he’ll heal and the bone will be good as new in his left foot.

Carlos Delfino

Delfino took part in all of the Bucks shootaround on Wednesday for the first time since his concussion and then practiced on Thursday.  It’s a good sign that: A. Delfino is feeling well enough to do either and B. that he was able to participate on back-to-back days.  Gery Woelfel tweeted today that Milwaukee may activate Delfino on Friday and Coach Skiles confirmed Wednesday that he would go on the trip.

It’s tough to say just how much Delfino would play though.

“We’ll put him out there and see how he does, how he’s playing,” Skiles said Wednesday.  “It’s not like a foot injury or something like that.  Obviously conditioning, things like that will be an issue, but he’s been working on that.  We’ll see.”

John Salmons

The newest addition to Milwaukee’s always lengthy injury list.  Salmons notified coaches just before the game Wednesday that he wouldn’t be able to play due to a sore right hip.  Coach Skiles indicated that it was something that’s been nagging at Salmons for a while and they weren’t sure how serious it was or whether or not he would be ready to play Friday and Saturday.  He did not practice Thursday.

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  1. Interesting how we’re just now hearing about some of these nagging injuries (Bogut, Salmons). I don’t know whether to commend the players for not making excuses, or get angry for not having a decent explanation for their subpar production.