A summary of the Bucks offense in one possession

Tweeted this during the Bucks-Clippers game Monday evening:

Milwaukee had just come out of a timeout, a full timeout, and ended up with one of the worst shots they’ve attempted all season.  Without question the worst one I’ve seen them produce after a timeout.  This is a team that ran one of the finest sets of the year earlier this season in Boston in a late game situation.  Milwaukee is certainly capable of running effective offense.  More often than not though, four players seem content watching one try and go one on one.

When Milwaukee is moving the ball and players are moving without the ball, they have success.  Shots open up that way.  Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don’t, but at least the offense is active and engaged.  The worst kind of offense is one where there is initial movement followed by stationary basketball and one on one play.

The worst kind of offense, is this right here.

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