Buck Hits: Losing Streak Reaches 4, Bogut Vocal

One week removed from a 3 game winning streak, the Bucks are now in the midst of a four game losing streak. After losing to the Clippers (19-31), Suns (23-25), Warriors (22-27), and Pistons (19-32), the Bucks find themselves in a major hole less than two weeks before the All-Star Break. Today’s Buck Hits are dedicated to losing, so brace yourself.


02/05/11 Bucks v. Pistons

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

Game Notes: Andrew Bogut returned after missing 2.25 games with a sore knee, but it was not enough to rejuvenate the team.

Power Rankings

The Bucks fall to page two of John Hollinger’s power ranking system at 19th.

Marc Stein at ESPN.com must really like the Bucks, keeping the faith even when it’s looking bleaker by the game. Stein has the Bucks ranked 22nd.

The Bucks are now a season low 24th in the NBA at NBA.com.
Charles Gardner returned to the Power Ranking game and assessed the Bucks at 23rd.

The Rest

In the Journal Sentinel’s recap of Saturday’s game, Center Andrew Bogut called his team out on it’s poor performance. “We’re not playing smart basketball,” Bogut said. “Yeah, maybe we’re playing hard at times. But we’re not reading our scouting reports.” Not reading scouting reports? Yikes.

Looking for optimism? Coach Skiles had some encouraging words with Charles Gardner. Full Disclosure: The bright outlook was before the face-first dive Milwaukee took against Detroit on Saturday.

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