Buck Hits: Yesterday’s W, Kohl rallies the troops

I’d like to personally thank the Toronto Raptors for giving me a reason to continue to believe in the Milwaukee Bucks. After last night’s drubbing of the Raptors, the Bucks are in D.C. tonight to visit the Al Thornton & Josh Howard-less Wizards.


02/08/11 Bucks v. Raptors

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

Game Notes: No one got hurt, even after Jennings dunked and we won. Two victories in one night.


Not often does the Bucks team get a visit from their owner, Senator Herb Kohl. Sure, you’ll find him at most home games, but since John Hammond took over the team, you don’t hear Herb Kohl and the Bucks mentioned in the same sentence much anymore. So that’s why such a big deal was made out of Kohl’s “It’s Crunch Time”  speech he delivered to his team on Monday. Bogut summarized Kohl’s speech by saying, “He let us know that he’s supporting us, but there’s no excuse for the way we’re playing.” Kohl has the most expensive roster in franchise history coming out of his pocket book, and the 9th highest payroll in the league. His investment has not been providing returns, and I admire Kohl for speaking up. Whether it’ll make any difference in the long term, who knows. But for one night, we can say Herb Kohl rallied his troops.

The Bucks hosted their annual Special Olympics clinic at Homestead High School. Say what you want about the team’s performance, this is proof of what the team brings to the community, and is great to see the tradition carried out year after year. The Bucks contribute to the community regularly, and you can find out what the team is up to on their community page.

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