Buck Hits: 2nd half starts with a W, NBA games to speed up?

The All-Star break is over, and after watching the game last night, it’s clear that no fire has been lit under this Bucks team. Sure, they got the win, but Bucks fans were hoping to start the second half with a bang. A six point victory over the 13-44 Wolves isn’t inspiring anyone, but you have to start somewhere, right? Next up, Carmelo and HIS New York Knicks.


02/22/11 Bucks v. Wolves

Box Score

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Game Notes: Keyon Dooling returned after missing one game against the Nuggets last Wednesday. Oh yeah, and this guy showed up.


Michael Redd is readying his return after his arrival in Milwaukee on Monday. He was on the team’s Bench for the first time since his injury in January of 2010. Unfortunately, his return must feel all too familiar, as Redd has been on numerous struggling Bucks rosters.

Looking for the Bucks to make another deadline splash this year? Don’t get your hopes up. Only scuttlebutt around the league thusfar was an inquiry regarding Corey Maggette and talks of the Bucks being interested in Earl Barron.

Sometimes, going to the Bradley Center to watch a Bucks game seems like a huge time commitment. I suspect it’s mostly because the product the Bucks put on the court is hard to watch. However, the NBA thinks that has more to do with delays in play rather than team performance, and is looking to clean that up with timeout “warning horns”.

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