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Bucks stand pat at the deadline

| February 24, 2011

Category: The Off Season


Dan Sinclair aptly recapped things over at BrewHoop.

I have little else to add … aside from this.


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  1. Ron Markovits says:

    I think the Bucks are a complete embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin. I look at the world champion Green Bay Packers, the incredible accomplishments by the Badgers. Marquette is hanging in there and the Brewers are really trying to make the moves necessary to have a chance to compete for a championship.
    THEN THERE’S THE BUCKS who do NOTHING right. They have one successful season and then blow up the roster. Sure they will blame injuries but from game one it was obvious that this team has no heart, no passion , no desire. I’m sure they will blow it up again after this season and we will follow and believe that maybe next year it will get better.
    Guess what it never will. No one wants to play in Milwaukee, no one cares about Milwaukee and when a player gets here they’re counting the days until their next gig.
    It hurts but it’s true.
    Supposedly Skiles is the man well I don’t see it They have had 2 good months in the last 5 years. I think Skiles is in way over his head and looks completely lost on the bench. I have never seen a team look so inept and still talk about a PLAYOFF run. I am embarrassed for them and for every fan that pays their hard earned money to see them play.

  2. DukeH says:

    Maybe sports aren’t for you if you catch all these feelings over it?

  3. Todd says:

    Oh, now that’s funny!