Dominated all over the floor: Wizards 100 – Bucks 85

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Another disappointing loss in a disappointing season.

I guess finding the words to describe Milwaukee’s 100-85 drubbing at the hands of the Washington Wizards wasn’t that difficult.

As Coach Scott Skiles put it after the game, the Bucks were “pretty much dominated all over the floor.”  After the game the Wizards were talking about which Nick Young dunk was their favorite.  They had fun during the game and looked like a confident group.

They were everything the Bucks weren’t.

Milwaukee’s offense wasn’t as bad as it’s been sometimes this season, but was still terrible.  Shots clanged all over the place, wide-open threes were missed and players continued to pump-fake and hesitate instead of making strong moves.  As they often have this season, Milwaukee just looked old.  Especially when compared to the bouncy Wizards, looking to get out and run constantly.

Milwaukee occasionally looks to outlet and do something, but aside from Brandon Jennings and Corey Maggette, the Bucks have few players who seem to thrive getting up and down the court.  Rarely do you see Milwaukee get good looks after missed shots by the opponent the way the Wizards often did on Wednesday.

And lately, rarely do you see the Bucks win.


Jennings seemed fed up with Milwaukee’s stagnant half court offense during the fourth quarter and catapulted himself into the paint and towards the rim over and over.  For his efforts, he was rewarded with a 15-point loss, but the Bucks did win the fourth quarter.  Jennings finished the evening just nine of 24 from the field, but six of 10 at the rim.  In other encouraging shooting news for Jennings, he made two of four from 16-23 feet.  Now, if he can just get back his three-point stroke (one of six on Wednesday), he’ll be a difficult scorer to stop again.

  • Andrew Bogut scored eight of the Bucks first 10 points.  And four of their last 75.  Is it 2007 again?  The line yesterday was that Milwaukee went away from Bogut once they fell behind and didn’t have time to set him up.  But Milwaukee went away from Bogut Tuesday against Toronto when they held a lead for the majority of the game.  The “get the ball to Bogut” gameplan seems to be no more reliable than Bogut himself.
  • Milwaukee’s never a big turnover team, and they had just 12 on Wednesday, but against a team like the Wizards it was important that they limited their turnovers even more.  Washington took advantage more often than not, scoring 18 points off turnovers.


So much for all that fire from Tuesday night’s victory over the Raptors carrying over.  Milwaukee allowed the Wizards 47.4% shooting and saw them get out into the open court repeatedly.  When they weren’t doing that, they were looking to Nick Young and he was responding with made jumpshots and big dunks.  Young made 10 of 19 shots and finished with 26 points.

  • Washington was hitting from deep (10-16 3FG) and at the line (18-20 FT), while Milwaukee was incapable of doing either (4-14 3FG and 5-12 FT).  The Bucks won’t win many games when their opponents shoot that well and will never win a game when they shoot that poorly while their opponents shoot well.

Final Thoughts

The same old song and dance.  Milwaukee’s back to 11 games under .500.  There are some easy games still left on the schedule, but that’s what teams who have the Bucks coming up on their schedules are saying too.  If there was any hope that this group was going to reel off a seven or 10 game winning streak any time soon, it can probably be safely put to bed.  The playoffs are still within reach, but a successful season has long been too far to grab.

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