Jeff Weltman interview with Business Insider

Passing along a terrific interview with Bucks Assistant General Manager Jeff Weltman on  Here’s an excerpt:

I was going to mention the Pistons getting Chauncey Billups before he was a star and Rip Hamilton through a trade, and Ben Wallace was a leftover piece in the Grant Hill trade. It’s pretty rare. Granted, you have a young team, but is there any realistic way to move up from the 6-10, middle of the pack range, where you’re unlikely to get a top pick in the draft, to an elite team? Is there another way to it?

Yeah there definitely is, I mean you just said it. When the pistons signed Chauncey Billups the league was shocked that he got a mid-level contract. He turned out well, and now he’s making three times that. So, yes, the means for us to improve ourselves are a) from within, because we already have a couple of guys who we feel could be all star candidates as they grow up and continue to improve, and b) trades. Acquiring John Salmons last year helped our team to a significant improvement for the second half of the season. You alluded to it: where we are probably at a disadvantage is the odds of us finding a major market star through free agency is probably not going to happen for us.

It would be well worth your time to go and dig into the whole thing.  Kudos to Adam Fusfeld for the fine work.

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