Redd to return to Bucks Monday

Michael Redd is getting close.

He may not be ready in a week, or even two.  It may take a month before he’s back to practicing with the whole team in a five-on-five setting, but soon enough a decision will have to be made.  Will Redd eventually be added to the active roster?  Will he be worked into the rotation?

Things could look a lot different when Milwaukee is actually faced with this situation.  The Bucks could be right in the mix for the final playoff spot, or the team could have fallen off the map, with only ping pong balls in their future.  So there probably isn’t much need to worry about Redd’ s return yet.

But with a fairly boring team in front of us, we probably will anyway.

Let’s poll it.  And leave some comments as to why you voted the way you did.  I’ll have more on this later in the week.

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  1. Pass. I love the guy, and I think he gets a lot of undue anger toward him. But the team is a mess as it is. Trying to fit in an ex-franchise player who is getting paid more than anyone on the roster will not smooth things over.

  2. it can’t hurt to have him out there, for a guy once known as a pure shooter, whats the worst case scenario for having him out there? Plus one of the all time leading Bucks scorers (and all time most liked Bucks players) I feel like the arena would be buzzing for his return. As someone who has been a fan of Redd’s for years I personally would love to see him get minutes, because he’s about as classy as it gets for an NBA player and we owe him a chance to prove himself again

  3. I agree with Ted that it wouldn’t hurt to give him a couple minutes and see how it works. If he can adjust to a new, more likely role as a shooter or even regain his scoring ways he might be useful to have on the roster. If he doesn’t play well then don’t play him anymore. There aren’t that many games left anyways. And if anyone’s worried about his trade stock decreasing if he plays poorly, most teams would only want him as an expiring contract and purely for money purposes.

  4. If for anything, just throw him out there when you need a shooter to stretch the floor and knock down a three-pointer or two, especially if they play the drum solo from “In the Air Tonight” in the Bradley Center after he makes one….