Boston Beatdown a Reality Check

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Carlos Delfino summed up the last two days very well on Twitter after Milwaukee’s historically bad 87-56 loss to the Boston Cetics.

Ugly game for us…never found a way to get back in game…We have to bounce back. We neither as good as yesterday or as bad as today!

He’s right.  Milwaukee’s not that bad every night.  But regardless of the reasons for the rout that occurred in Boston, whether it was the schedule, losing an hour to daylight savings, playing in a back-to-back or whatever, Milwaukee has shown over the vast majority of the season that they are a lot closer to being the team it was Sunday night than it is to being the team it was Saturday night.

And while one game doesn’t eliminate the Bucks from the playoff picture, it was a firm reminder of what is likely to happen when they arrive there.

From TrueHoop:

  • Elias tells us Milwaukee’s total of 56 points matched the fifth-lowest in the NBA since the 24-second clock was introduced in 1954.
  • Milwaukee scored just 22 points in the first 24 minutes, tied for the fewest first-half points in a game in the last nine seasons.

Sometimes, there isn’t much to be said.

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