Buck Hits: Skiles is annoying, Playoff hope fading

Bad news for the Bucks: they are once again 2.5 games back from the 8th final seed for this year’s playoffs. Expert analysis: John Hollinger gives them about a 17% chance of making it. After three strong games, the Bucks are now faced with back to back blowouts on the losing end, and the bleeding may not stop tonight as they come back to Milwaukee to face Dwight Howard and the Magic.


03/15/11 Bucks @ Hawks

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

Game Notes: A 25-2 run made the difference in the matchup, and unfortunately, the Bucks were the 2 in this case.


Scott Skiles isn’t exactly known around the league as the “nice guy” coach. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Skiles tied with Phil Jackson for second most annoying coach, losing out to only Stan Van Gundy. I wonder how the Bucks team feels about this.

Before getting blown out on Tuesday, Charles Gardner of JSOnline asked Coach Skiles if he preferred the lottery to the playoffs this year. In an effort to not alienate the franchise, Skiles had a cookie cutter response, Gardner states, “Bucks coach Scott Skiles admitted it’s difficult to know which is the right option for the franchise in the long term, although he made it clear the team will fight hard to reach the playoffs.”

John Hollinger heavily criticizes the Bucks playoff push in his piece over at Daily Dime.

Chris Mannix at SI.com has a great piece regarding Michael Redd’s comeback effort. What’s on everyone’s mind is when, and Redd is hoping to play next week. Read the entire interview.

Want the most comprehensive look at the Bucks’ offensive woes? Look no further than Basketball Prospectus’ analysis of the team. In short: the Bucks shoot too many jumpers that they don’t make. That one sentence summary doesn’t do the article justice; fantastic sports reporting here.

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