Buck Hits: .500 weekend, Charlotte Awaits

The Bucks can’t dwell on blowing their chance to knock off the division leading Bulls Saturday night. Not when they face the 9th seed Charlotte Bobcats tonight in the race to 8th. A win tonight would knot up  the Bucks and Cats at a woeful 30-43. Disregarding being 13 games under, that would put the Bucks in prime position to battle for the 8th, with Milwaukee owning the tiebreaker over Charlotte. All of that, of course, is assuming the Bucks win. Lose tonight and you’re buried alive.


03/25/11 Bucks @ Knicks

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

03/20/11 Bucks v. Bulls

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnline, Brewhoop

Power Rankings

John Hollinger: 18
Marc Stein: 20
NBA.com: 20
Charles Gardner: 22

The Rest

Want to know why the Bucks lost Saturday? Charles Gardner attempts to explain in his article about Milwaukee failing to put games away.

Take this for what it’s worth, but the Charlotte Observer is reporting that Tyrus Thomas will make his return tonight against the Bucks.

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  1. At this point, I can’t help feeling we’d be better off forgetting the playoffs this year and going for a better lottery pick. Even if we claw our way into the 8th spot, does anyone think there is a chance to go through?

  2. I disagree, I am all for trying to get in the playoffs. I do not believe in “going for a better lottery pick” because there is very little room for improvement there and the draft is just not that good. The guys in the late lottery-mid first round would still improve the team and not bear the expectations of making a huge contribution right away. I look at it this way, making the playoffs means more for the Bucks than slipping down to the 7th odds for the draft lottery.