Buck Hits: the outside looking in

I have nothing left to say that hasn’t already been said about these Milwaukee Bucks. Let’s talk Buck Hits.


03/28/11 Bucks @ Bobcats

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

Game Notes: Drew Gooden returns, shoots 1-6. Mike Redd returns, dishes 4 dimes and drops a goose egg in scoring. Bucks as a whole dropa goose egg in last 11 shots, literally shooting their way out of playoff contention.

The Rest

Skiles wasn’t satisfied with the Bucks’ bench production on Monday, but says all hope isn’t lost.. That said, he didn’t play any one player off the bench more than 19 minutes.

Blog Hickory High has a far-reaching analysis regarding just what has gone wrong this season with the Bucks. We as fans have crashed so hard following last summer’s buzz around the team. Expect many more articles like this as the season winds down and the (earlier than expected) offseason begins for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Jake McCormick over at the Sports Bank thinks Milwaukee should let this season slide when evaluating John Hammond.

Still hoping the Bucks make the playoffs? Remember what they’re playing for.

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