Jon Brockman’s trick shots or “That’s how it’s done”

Now you can’t say this season has no highlight.  My favorite?  The bounce from the upper reaches of the 200 level.  Are you kidding me?

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  1. Anyone seeing the irony on his ability to hit a bank shot while sitting on the bench, but the guy can’t hit a 15 footer in a game to save his life?

  2. @Mack
    Reminds me of Kyle Boller. He could throw 70 yards from his knees, but couldn’t hit a 10 yard out route. I’ll say that I love this for Brockman though. It’s just a fun thing. He’s a fun guy. And he takes charges.

  3. so this is wat the bucks are doing for shoot around? no wonder why we are lined up for a good lottery pick that we’ll just trade away for some other injury prone “vet”. get it together bucks. maybe if you guys put as much effort into making vids on trick shots, we could maybe, just maybe have hopes to make the playoffs. but with that said, im still a die hard bucks fan no matter the record, just want the team to do well

  4. @brewtownboi
    Haha, I saw this one coming. Brockman isn’t the problem, he only averages 11 minutes a game. The problems are Jennings, Salmons, and Delfino who have been incredibly inconsistent. There is no excuse for a player making almost $8 million a year (Salmons) to keep settling for jump shots time and time again, same with Delfino.

    Also consider all of the starting PG’s in the league, how many of them are better than Brandon?

    Brandon is better than: Kirk Hinrich – Atlanta, D.J, Augustin -Charlotte, Rodney Stuckey – Detroit, Darren Collison – Indiana, Derek Fisher – L.A., Mike Bibby – Miami, Luke Ridnour – Minnesota.

    And some of these are debatable. So that’s seven point guards Brandon is better than. Brandon needs to work on his game hardcore this summer and carve out a niche for himself.

  5. Mixed feelings on this… The whole “if he spent more time on actual basketball instead of trick shots” routine. Or, this is fun to watch and enjoyable at a time when we could use some levity. I’m sticking with the latter.

  6. @Josh are u really askin how many pgs are better than him? dont get me wrong, bj has some raw skills but jeez wheres our shooting coach. all of those guys u just name can hit a wide open shot CONSISTENTLY, and can actually finish at the rim, bj needs to study long and hard on vids for d.rose. they both have the same skill set in speed but rose actually attacks the rim, and finishes, whether its a dunk, lay up, spectacular move, or a pass, he gets the job done. salmons is a lost cause, some days he feels like bringing it, some days he doesnt, bogut,even tho still plagued by his injury, doesnt dominate the way he should. look at every dominate big man in the league and see wat he’s missing. PATIENCE, his “hook” shots are 85% luck, he flicks the ball up there not even lookin at the rim. all im saying is jon, or whoever else was present at the arena during that time really needs to focus on getting better, not seeing who can make the best trick shot.

  7. @brewtownboi
    The coaches can’t coach effort, only execution. If Brandon doesn’t want to spend hours everyday working on his shot, the coaches are powerless to do anything about it. Look at Ray Allen, he doesn’t need anyone to push him. He shows up at the arena hours before every game to get shots up. I completely agree with you that Brandon needs to watch some of these guys who have made great strides in their games.

    Salmons is another one of those effort guys, you’re spot-on, he plays when he wants to. Another thing to consider is, who do the Bucks go to in crunch time? I remember the last Celtics game at the BC, they were down by 2 late in the 4th quarter but looked lost. With the game on the line, who shoots?

    I am hoping Brockman just came early that day to mess around, but you’re right, he had to have been practicing those for weeks. If we don’t make the playoffs, at least we have a cool video, though :).

  8. How did a video of trick shots by Brockenstein turn into a debate on pg’s in the league and their status above and/or below Jennings? I love the interweb!