Buck Hits: End of the Road

A week ago, I posted how essential this past week of Bucks basketball was. And while a .500 week over a four game stretch is nothing to sneeze at this year, the Bucks lost it’s two most crucial games in their playoff bid. While not mathematically eliminated, the Bucks are two losses away from that dubious right. The Magic, the Heat, and the Thunder are three of the team’s last six opponents. Enough said. Onto dreams of next year.


04/01/11 Bucks @ Pacers

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

03/20/11 Bucks v. Sixers

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnline, Brewhoop

Power Rankings

John Hollinger: 18
Marc Stein: 21
NBA.com: 19

The Rest

Gery Woelfel is reporting that everyone from Assistant Coaches to the training staff is worried about their jobs following this season. Will this be the offseason that Senator Kohl finally decides to sell the team, and he’s opting not to extend any contracts to let the new ownership decide? There will be plenty to talk about this offseason. Stay tuned to Bucksketball this summer.

Charles Gardner at JSOnline got commitment from the Bucks that they plan on working hard and playing hard through the end of the season. I appreciate the continued effort, but wouldn’t it make more sense to shut down Bogut so he can get his surgery?

Former Bucks Coach Larry Krystkowiak has earned a head coaching gig at the University of Utah. After his miserable head coaching stint with the Bucks, Coach K will get another shot at it. Best of luck, Coach K.

Remember Joe Alexander? Looks like he’s lighting it up in the D-League.

Remember Szymon Szewczyk? You don’t? He was actually a Bucks draft pick back in 2003. Read about all of the unsigned draft picks of the NBA, including a few of the Bucks’ picks over at Sham Sports.

The season isn’t officially over, but everyone knows the Bucks won’t be playing more than 82 games this year. So the next logical thing to talk about becomes what John Hammond needs to do to fix the team. Brew Hoop has one answer. Hoopsworld has another.

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