Buck Hits: Last week looms

Another .500 weekend for the Bucks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter what record the Bucks post, save for the amount of ping pong balls the Bucks will own in this year’s draft lottery. And while injuries will go down as the official excuse for why the Bucks performed so poorly this year, the truth is that the Bucks have more problems than their health. An important offseason is on the horizon. Here is what is going on in the world of the Milwaukee Bucks.


04/08/11 Bucks @ Pistons

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

03/20/11 Bucks v. Cavs

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnline, Brewhoop

Power Rankings

John Hollinger: 16
Charles Gardner: 21
Marc Stein: 20
NBA.com: 20

The Rest

Scott Skiles is often referred to as a “Rookie-Hater”. Why? Ask Larry Sanders.

A silver lining at the end of the season is watching the team get healthier. And while Andrew Bogut was shut down last Friday and will have surgery tomorrow, Ersan Ilyasova was eager to show fans/teammates/coaches/himself that he is okay following his concussion. Mike Redd is another such case, telling Cincinnati.com  just how elated he is to be back on the court. He also hinted at returning to the Bucks next year, albeit very cautiously over at Hoopsworld.

As for Bogut, Frank Madden over at Brewhoop took a critical look at last offseason and Bogut’s initial surgery. Hopefully, the healing process will be as straightforward as Bogut has hinted at, but knowing how much he struggled to return to form this season is worth raising an eyebrow to.

Kevin Pelton at Basketball Prospectus broke down just how broke down the Bucks have been this year. And when you look at the season with those stats in front of you, it takes the sting off a little.

JA Adande at ESPN.com has a stellar piece about the position the Bucks are in being a small market team in the NBA. It’s nice to see some national love considering the depressing season this Bucks team had.

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