Buck Hits: Season finale tonight, blame game begins tomorrow

Another week of “what-if” basketball for the Milwaukee Bucks. The team has won 3 of their last (meaningless) 4, and have showed signs of life. Unfortunately, it took elimination from the playoffs for the team to finally show us what they’re capable of. What we’re left with is an uncertain future for a franchise in an uncertain league.


04/11/11 Bucks v. Raptors

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop

Game Notes: In what was possibly Michael Redd’s final home game as a Buck, he went 1-6. No tribute from Bucks brass at the BC, no thank you to the fans from Redd via speech or performance. It has been an odd journey.

The Rest

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the NBA is canceling the summer league this year in anticipation of the lockout that looms this summer. The good news? More time to get healthy. The bad news? Less time to develop your youngsters, less Bucks basketball. Let’s hope the NBA and player’s association figures this one out, or tonight might be the last time you cheer the deer for a while.

The post-season interviews have already begun over at JSOnline, and Tom Enlund got John Salmons to call the season a failure. I’m going to wait until the season actually ends to hear what is really on players’ minds, but the injury excuse engine has already gotten revved.

I refreshed Twitter about 361 times yesterday to get confirmation that Bogut’s surgery was a success. It sure took a while in the “immediacy of now” era of communication, but it sounds like Bogut is fine. Read a summary of Bogut’s tweets over at JSOnline.

A great fanpost over at Brewhoop featuring exhaustive analysis of the first 15 picks in the draft from 1990-2005. In short? Don’t set your hopes too high if you’re not in the top five. Ersan and our pick for the #1 pick? Whattya say, Cleveland?

Almost three years ago, the Bradley Center’s surrounding area was to receive a major facelift, preserving it’s viability as a premier sports venue. As the focus begins to shift from the court to the organization, you have to wonder how long the Bucks will continue to sign one year leases with the Bradley Center. Scott Walker refused to help the BC with state funding, so just consider this another unknown for the Bucks this offseason.

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