Buck Hits: What lies ahead

The crossroads have begun. The Milwaukee Bucks have received their report card from the media, players were handed their mediocre grades, and season recaps paint gloomy pictures at best. JSOnline begs the question: Which Buck sucked more this year? How about which part of the team?

Tensions were high as Bucks were asked about the new collective bargaining agreement. One thing is certain; nothing is certain. A shortened season is something the Bucks simply cannot afford, but may not be able to avoid.

Skiles has now officially gone on record calling Brandon Jennings’ leadership a “work in progress”. While really a no-brainer, Skiles hasn’t formally called Jennings out on the topic. It will be interesting to see how Jennings responds come next season.

Alex at Brewhoop puts a positive spin on the Bucks not squeaking into the 8th seed of the playoffs this year.

Not much is being made of the Bucks’ arena concerns in the press, outside of a rant over at OnMilwaukee.com. I, for one, am watching the Sacramento Kings situation like a hawk. Sacramento is going through what Milwaukee may very well go through in the next couple years. I don’t often make predictions, but  I feel strongly about this: the Bucks are another losing season or two away from leaving Milwaukee. It doesn’t matter that the Bradley Center is in decent condition, what matters is the stadium’s ability to pay the team’s bills and make a profit. With the news that 22 of 30 NBA teams lost money this year, the clock is ticking on the long term future of the Bucks in Milwaukee.

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  1. I hope someone reads this. More importantly I hope someone that has contact with John Hammond reads this post. Do whatever it takes to get Anthony Randolph to the Bucks. He is essentially being wasted on the Minnesota bench, with no real option to start there. Let’s remedy the decision of drafting Alexander by bringing in the guy we should have originally drafted. Please Bucks nation let’s get this done. He is a very talented and fits some major needs..Thank You

  2. Justin you are right, Randolph would be great, but im afraid he wouldnt get on the court with Skiles as the coach….If Kelvin Sampson was running things then….

  3. Remember last off season? When we should have beaten the Hawks in the playoffs despite losing Bogut. Then we got the first free agent of the period with Gooden. Picked up some much needed help on the wings with Maggette and CDR. Resigned Salmons. We got some pub from the national media on the good job addressing our needs, to an already solid team. Those were the days…

    How’s this one going to go I ask?

  4. @Justin
    He’s certainly an enigmatic talent. I’m not sure he has a position where he can stick though. He’s a little slim to bang at the four all night every night. And Milwaukee is fairly deep at the power forward position, even before LRMAM comes back. I think Randolph will stick somewhere, but I can’t imagine it will be here.

  5. @Jeremy
    While I do agree he is a svelte-built fellow there are plenty of similarly built (e.g. T. Chandler, Bosh, Ty. Thomas) players that play at a high level through a full season. Besides A.B. will still be man down low built for banging, and I also don’t feel like the Power Forward position is as contact-driven as it once was. It’s mostly finesse players. As for Coach Skiles not liking a guy that averages 10 rebounds, a block, and a steal in his starts this past season there isn’t much I can do about that. The Bucks are stacked at PF, but I would expect to involve one of those guys in the trade to lessen the draft pick hit. Unfortunately it may have to Ersan, but Anthony would play the bulk of those minutes anyways.. Just my thoughts

  6. I think the Bucks need a point forward type player, to give Jennings a break from having to do too much on offense, and also letting him catch and shoot the three ball instead of shooting off the dribble bc he’s had more success off the ball shooting than he has.