Buck Hits: Post-Season Reviews and News

The playoffs are in full swing, which in other words means the Milwaukee Bucks’ offseason is in full swing. Today’s edition of Buck Hits center’s around the local media’s opinion of this season.

Jake McCormick over at We’re Bucked has an in-depth look at the fall off of John Salmons this past season. Jake so accurately and eloquently stated what many before have tried, “The most likely cause of John Salmons’ PER drop from 17.54 to 12.85, scoring reduction, and general ineffectiveness was a perfect storm of a team-wide injury bug, a failure to stick to what made him $39 million richer, and becoming a known commodity around the NBA.”

Tony at the UWM Post talks about the career thusfar of Andrew Bogut.

The most depressing statistic this season for the Milwaukee Bucks isn’t it’s shooting percentage or win total. It’s 39% drop in TV ratings, good for 3rd worst in the league, wins that award. The Bucks averaged 13,000 viewers a night. Remember this statistic when the Bucks consider jettisoning Milwaukee.

Dan Sinclair at Brewhoop took a long look at the math behind Brandon Jennings assist numbers. Kudos to Sinclair, who lost me after his title. Long story short: the Bucks’ shooting woes had little to do with Jennings modest drop in assists.

We’re Bucked is reporting that Ersan Ilyasova might be headed back to Europe for next season, effectively leaving the Bucks. While it is not yet clear whether or not this is an insurance policy for Ilyasova if there is work stoppage due to a lockout, it is alarming that the Bucks might be losing one of the promising young players on it’s roster.

Everyone believed the Milwaukee Bucks made the right move by ridding themselves of Joe Alexander when they moved him to Chicago along with Hakim Warrick for John Salmons. Don’t look now, but Alexander might become the MVP of the NBDL.

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  1. Hope Joe gets legit shot from somebody n makes Skiles regrets his handleing of em… seemed to have something personal against him. He’s a joke anyway (Skiles).