Milwaukee Bucks keeping Carlos Delfino

John Hammond announced Tuesday that the Milwaukee Bucks will pick up the third year, $3.5 million option on Carlos Delfino.

In his second year as a Buck, the small forward averaged a career high 11.5 points on 39% shooting from the field and 37% shooting from three.  Delfino led the Bucks in three-point field goals with 105 despite missing 33 games due to a concussion and symptoms he couldn’t seem to shake.

Seen as a reliable defender and a good fit in an offense that struggled throughout last season, Coach Scott Skiles confidence in Delfino was obvious throughout the second half of last season.  As Milwaukee made their final playoff push in late March, Delfino was regularly seeing better than 40 minutes a night while high priced off-season acquisition Corey Maggette logged DNP-CDs.  To his credit, Delfino responded to the minutes, twice scoring 30 points while averaging better than 19 points during a seven game stretch that ended the month of March.

As it stands, Delfino would seem to have the inside track on the starting small forward position once again, given his shooting touch, apparent grasp on where to be in Milwaukee’s offense and competitiveness defensively.  While not the quickest player on the roster, Delfino positions himself well defensively and has the size and strength to match up with most wings in the league.  His athleticism doesn’t leap out if you casually watch him, but at times he’s shown he’s capable of some impressive blocks and dunks.

Given the disaster that was last season, a possible off-season roster shake up that could result of it and Maggette’s uncertain fit in the Bucks future, Delfino’s familiarity with Coach Skiles and General Manager Hammond could remain one of his biggest assets this coming season.

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  1. Good. I know it’s one more year, and maybe next year we’ll be talking about how it’s money coming off the books the year after that, but for now I like it. He seems to have a swagger and confidence that’s real, not a front like others.

  2. Good. hammond is a mastermind at trades, so i think he will find a way to get rid of magette. i also like how he hinted bringing redd back. the only SG/SF we need are salmons, delfino, and redd. then get a deep bencher in case of an injury. go bucks! lets have a great off-season.

  3. Im not a fan of resigning Delfino, i dont really care much for his style of play. Offensively it seems like he is shooting to try and prove he’s a good shooter. I wouldnt mind seeing him come off the bench as a situational player, but i dont really like him as an NBA starting Small Forward. I think the Bucks could have used 3.5 million more wisely IMO

  4. A cool piece from the only D-3 college basketball player who has declared for the 2011 NBA Draft. He’s an avid Bucks fan, and he wrote all about what it’s like to root for Big Aussie & Co. Check it out: