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| April 13, 2011

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After a rough couple of weeks, I’ve come to a conclusion: I’m a busy dude.

With that in mind, I’m making a fairly big announcement concerning the future of Bucksketball.  We’re hiring.  Yup, after two years, I’ve decided it is time to expand and lighten my heavy load just a bit.  I’m still going to be doing the majority of writing here at this little blog, but I think for the good of the site (and in turn, myself), I need to bring on some help.

So here’s what I’d like, in e-mail form, from anyone, anywhere who is foolish enough to consider working with me and writing about Milwaukee’s fledgling basketball franchise:

Contact information (Name, number, e-mail)
Writing Experience
Writing Sample
Any relevant education
What qualifies you
Why you’re interested and what you’re interested in making out of this

And that’s it.  I don’t care how old you are, or where you’re from.  All I’m looking for is a talented writer or two that is willing to write a few times a week and interested in quality analysis of NBA basketball.  I want people to apply who have open minds.  People who are willing to do their best to be unbiased writing and people that care about writing and basketball.

I can’t make any promises about what will happen if you’re selected, but I think you’ll enjoy it, and I think some cool things will happen.

Applications due Saturday.  So drop me a line: Jeremy@Bucksketball.com.

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Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball. He founded it in January of 2009 because he hated his job. It’s like basketball, but with Bucks instead of basket. I know ... I’m sorry. He might come off as a bit negative, but I'm really not so bad. He just wants the Bucks to succeed, so he points out areas where they are coming up short. Someone has got to do it and he's ornery and opinionated enough to take on that task. He isn't sure if this should be in third person or not. Contact him at Jeremy@Bucksketball.com if you must use e-mail.

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  1. Brian says:

    Does this mean I’m fired? :)

  2. Jeremy Schmidt says:

    You’re more irreplaceable than I am.

  3. Brian says:

    @Jeremy Schmidt
    Aww shucks, thanks Jeremy. Post Season wrap up dinner soon, yes?

  4. Jeremy Schmidt says: