Buck Hits: Hammond plays ping-pong, Jennings in India

Has it occured to Bucks fans yet that this year’s Bucks are the Memphis Grizzlies? The Grizz had a 46-36 regular season record, lost their star player (Rudy Gay) to a season ending injury, and are flourishing as the underdog in the playoffs? If for no other reason than that, it’s hard not to admire what Memphis is doing in the playoffs. Enough about Memphis, here are this week’s Milwaukee Buck Hits.

The Bucks are looking at a 1.1% chance of winning the NBA Draft Lottery when the ping pong balls fall on May 17th. John Hammond will be our good luck charm in¬†attendance. John seems rather content with the number 10, so don’t expect the Bucks to be trading up should they predictably draft 10th.

Brandon Jennings will be representing the NBA in India starting next week in an effort to continue internationalizing the NBA. While it’s great that the Bucks’ young star is getting some exposure by the league, I personally would prefer it if they shipped him to a shooting camp rather than a PR outing.

Sounds like Kyrie Irving is running away with the #1 pick for this year’s draft in early prospect polls, according to Gery Woelfel. Also of note from Woelfel’s report: Kelvin Sampson is still in the running to coach the Houston Rockets.

A somber note regarding a recently removed Milwaukee Buck. Warrior guard Charlie Bell was a victim of domestic violence when his wife assaulted him. We here at Bucksketball wish all the best to Charlie and his family.

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  1. I was just thinking that the grizzlies are much like us. not to mention they have a lefty point gaurd with a so-so three point game and is well rounded (scoring, rebounds, and assists are very good, but not great)