Buck Hits: Arena Talk and the Draft Lottery

Now that the Bucks, er the Grizzlies have been eliminated from the Playoffs, who will Milwaukee hoops fans will cheer for? The Bulls, who’s fans invade the Bradley Center twice a year and take over much like Derrick Rose took over against the Bucks in the 4th quarter this April? Or will they take their cheers to South Beach? What about Dirk Nowitzki and his Mavericks, even if he was technically never a Buck? Or is it time to believe in the young Thunder?

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The biggest news swirling around the Bucks this past week was owner Herb Kohl’s announcement that he would not be running for re-election as US Senator. What does this mean for the Bucks? As a Senator, Kohl would’ve faced a lot of flak if he had pushed for a new arena for the team  while in office. During his announcement, Kohl expressed his commitment to the Bucks and keeping them in Milwaukee alongside a new stadium. Assuring Bucks fans in the state, Kohl said at the press conference, “We will find a way as a community and as a state to build a modern complex. And that in generations to come, the Bucks will continue to be a part of the landscape in Milwaukee.” I have expressed my concerns regarding this issue in the past, so it was music to my ears when I heard Kohl utter those words. Charles Gardner at JSOnline, Dave Begel at OnMilwaukee, and our very own Josh Hilgendorf have more about the Kohl announcement and his owenership.

James Causey ran an Op-Ed on JSOnline regarding the new arena. Outside of the obvious problems with the arena, Causey also has the numbers of public funding for the major sports venues in the state. Turns out, the Bradley Center has garnered a meager $5 million dollars compared to $392 million for Miller Park and $295 Million for Lambeau Field. Kohl better use those numbers when he makes his pitch.

Charles Gardner takes a long, hard look at the Bucks misfortunes on draft night.

Dan Sinclair has an interesting statistical take on the Bucks season at his blog Where 55 Happens. Number geeks will find this one particularly captivating.

Great read on the legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar by Michael Hunt over at JSOnline.

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