Buck Hits: Arena and Draft Chatter

Arena update: Scott Walker isn’t interested (surprise!) in extending the stadium tax for a new Bradley Center. Milwaukee, at least according to the latest JSOnline poll, isn’t either.

This isn’t necessarily surprising given Milwaukee’s noted pessimism regarding the Bucks. Take a look at the last two polls ran by the Journal Sentinel.

Jake McCormick takes a look at the #10 picks since 1998. Oh look, Keyon Dooling.

Speaking of the draft, one player may have decided that Milwaukee isn’t for him. Enes Kanter skipped his interview with the Bucks last week. Kanter, projected to go before the Bucks select at ten, so this isn’t really major news, but speaks of Kanter’s arrogance, as he stood up Utah and Toronto as well. We’ve seen this movie before with Joakim Noah and Yi Jianlian, so it will be interesting to see if Kanter eventually makes his way to Milwaukee for workouts.

Charles Gardner writes about the Bucks rising interest in Alec Burks, while Gery Woelfel is thinking Jimmer Fredette or Tristan Thompson.

The Bucks ran an exhaustive feature regarding Brandon Jennings trip to India.

Steve Van Horn at  details the importance of PER improvement in Brew Hoop’s NBA Draft Lottery Study.

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