Buck Hits: Draft Workouts, More Arena Talk

While 2 NBA teams duke it out for a shiny trophy, the other 28 are forced to look to the future. Enter today’s Buck Hits.

Jeremy already covered the workouts the Bucks are holding today. For a few more tidbits on each player, head over to Bucks.com for their draft workout summary (includes headshots!). The Bucks’ official site also has videos that includes interviews with potential draft picks.

Gery Woelfel highlights the Bucks’ interest in Marcus Morris from last week, so it’s no surprise that he is the headlining talent in today’s workout.

Over at Brew Hoop, Dan has been asking Bucks fans to pick who they’d draft if the Bucks had a selection other than 10. The top three chosen by Brew Hoop readers are:

  1. Derrick Williams
  2. Kyrie Irving
  3. Enes Kanter

Tim Sheehy ran an Op-Ed in the Journal Sentinel regarding the arena issue. Sheehy will have his hands full convincing the city to spend more public dollars on a professional sports arena. I say start with a petition and have the Bucks send it out to each and every season ticket holder to sign.

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