Milwaukee Bucks Draft Workout Roundup: Day 3

During the NBA Draft Combine, I heard rumors around the Twitter grapevine that Keith Benson jumped out of the building. The official measurements back up all the claims. According to Draft Express, his reach of his maximum vertical jump is 12’ 1.5.” My first reaction to this news was extremely visceral: YEAH, DUNKS!

The athletic injection the Bucks need shouldn’t come at the expense of skill. Benson has skill in spades on the defensive end, as he was the 2011 Summitt League Defensive player of the year and holds a number of blocks records for both Oakland University and the Summitt League. The question is his strength down in the post.

Bucks Director of Scouting, Billy McKinney, agrees, “I’ve been watching him for a couple years. He’s improved some. The thing that he’s going to have to do in the NBA, much like a lot of players, is get stronger especially playing players down on the block.”

Benson still has to fill out his frame, but the second most prominent player of the day, Gary McGhee, is already plenty big. He’s best known as the guy that Kemba Walker crossed over to win the Big East Championship (JEREMY: The commentary on this video is hilarious and NSFW). It’s not really fair to assess him on that, but McGhee never did much in college to distinguish himself. His chiseled 263 pounds is his best feature as a draft prospect. His brute strength makes him an efficient rebounder. Ultimately, McGhee may have just been there to see how Benson handles stronger competition.

UW-Green Bay guard and Milwaukee Vincent standout, Bryquis Perine, began his quest to become the greatest Wisconsinite the NBA has ever seen. The title currently belongs to Nick Van Exel or Latrell Sprewell if anyone is wants to know. He was joined by forwards Vlad Moldoveanu, Paul Carter and guard/forward Pooh Williams. That list of prospects doesn’t look very strong and most likely they won’t be drafted. But that doesn’t mean none of them will be seen in a Bucks uniform. There is life for the undrafted.

*** Paul Carter ***

After today’s workout, it looks like the Bucks will definitely keep Paul Carter’s file on record for a while.

McKinney said, “One of the things was he was in great shape. When you’re coming to a workout – I think it’s so important – one of the things if you’re going to impress people is you have to be in great shape. He had a really good feel for the game. . .  Good rebounder, good solid defender, made some outside shots and played with a lot of energy.”

A good workout won’t make Carter on draft night. But out of this group of second round/undrafted prospects, Carter impressed the most. His performance may keep him in mind when the team needs to fill a spot with a 10-day contract.

Quote of the Day

Paul Carter on his preparation for workouts: “I’ve been working out at Attack Athletics with Tim Grover. He’s obviously the best in the game at what he does. He has trained the best – he trained Michael Jordan – so he knows what he’s doing. He makes sure we’re prepared before we come to these workouts.”

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