TrueHoop Network Mock Draft: Alec Burks to Bucks at 10

With the number 10 pick in the TrueHoop Network Mock Draft, I’m predicting the Milwaukee Bucks will select Alec Burks, the athletic shooting guard out of Colorado. Hopefully the Milwaukee Bucks can safely arrive at the same place I have come Thursday or at least arrive in the same general area. Klay Thompson, Jordan Hamilton, Marshon Brooks, any of the prospects Milwaukee has seen its name connected to would be justifiable in one way or another.

What would not be justifiable? The actualization of the insane rumor that’s been floating around the past few days.

Initially, I thought it silly to even bother addressing it. I’m hoping that’s how Milwaukee is handling things right now. A report out of Minnesota surfaced last week that, supposedly, there were discussions regarding Minnesota’s number two pick being involved in some sort of package that landed Andrew Bogut with our neighbors to the West.

The report goes as far as to say it’s believed Milwaukee initiated the talks. That’s right, the Bucks supposedly started off talks that involved Milwaukee shipping its best player out for the second pick in what’s almost universally regarded as a terrible draft.

It should be noted that Chad Ford mentioned last week that Phoenix had discussions with Minnesota regarding the second pick moving Southwest in a package centered around Marcin Gortat. If there was a deal centered around Gortat being bandied about as a possibility and then Milwaukee came in with a deal centered around Bogut, it likely would have taken Minnesota less than a minute to pull the trigger on whatever the Bucks wanted outside of Kevin Love. There just isn’t enough value between Minnesota’s roster and draft pick that adds up.

So I’m not buying what “Doogie” is selling.

Maybe the Bucks will find a different way to move the number 10 pick, but it doesn’t seem likely at this very moment. I’m not sold on them being crazy about keeping the pick, with their veteran team and win now motto, but in the interest of adding athleticism and acquiring players who can out perform a contract, keeping the pick may be a wise move.

My bet is they’ll be drafting between picks nine and eleven come Thursday and will select a swingman when they do.  Burks seems to be the apple of their eye. He has the athleticism on the wing they have been lacking over the past two years and the youth that teams crave every June.

For a team that desperately needs athletes and upside, Burks would be a more than worthwhile investment.

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  2. I hope the Bucks do take Alec Burks. Ever since Salmons decided he didn’t feeling like slashing to the rim anymore, our offense has been so stagnant, other teams don’t even have to try anymore. The last thing we need is another long-range shooter who waits until there are four seconds left on the shot clock to hoist one up. A slasher opens things up for everyone. Basically, the Bucks keep bringing slashers in but they never pan out in the long term (see: Maggette and Salmons). Burks would be the solution. It’s not too difficult to teach a mid-range jumper anyway, especially because of all the free throws he takes.